Jason Mraz in Manila: The Concert!

I just got home from one of the most awesome concerts ever—Jason Mraz in Manila! Let me tell you some reasons why I enjoyed this show:

1) My seat. When we entered the Patron area, we asked an usher to guide us to our seats. We walked, and walked, and walked—to my surprise. I didn’t expect that we got REALLY good seats :o As in almost-front and center! :o

2) The crowd. Okay, kinain ko mga sinabi ko. I originally wanted the vibe to be intimate and quiet but when the concert started, sobrang saya lang! I can feel the joy and love overflowing!

  • Point is, my sister and I always stood up—as in kahit kami lang nakatayo sa area.
  • We kept on grooving to the music as if we were in a cozy hippie gig.
  • I kept on shrieking before each song ’cause I knew all the songs that he played.
  • I screamed “After an Afternoon” each time he would stop playing.

Get this: the people in our area NEVER said a thing. Instead, they were very supportive. It was as if I was watching with a barkada!

  • They would stand up too whenever we stood up, or they stayed seated but didn’t scream “Upo naman kayo!” which is nice :)
  • They grooved to the happy songs too! :)
  • They were happy with us whenever we were happy because of the song choice.
  • They screamed “After an Afternoon” with us—wooooooo support the song!!

3) The setlist. The Jason Mraz Manila concert setlist was awesome. These are the songs that I can remember off the top of my head. Sorry, I was having too much fun to take down the setlist so I’ll try to list this in order but I’m sure I got some things wrong or even missed some songs.

  • She’s the Bomb – Jason started off the concert with a “new” song and it immediately gave me an idea of how the rest of the night will sound like. I approve!!! For the first time in my concert-going life, I actually wanted the artist to sing the “unpopular” songs.
  • Dynamo of Volition – Before starting with this song, Jason asked us to high-five ourselves, our friends, strangers, and Toca. When he said “Good job!”, I already knew that this was what he was going to sing. And to that, I shrieked. This is part of my dream setlist and it didn’t fail to deliver. Happy happy song! 
  • Live High – Another song from the dream setlist! I wanted Jason to sing this because it’s a heartwarming song and I imagined that it would sound great live…and it sure did!
  • If It Kills Me – I included this in the dream setlist but I honestly sorta hoped that he wouldn’t sing it ’cause I knew it will bring back memories…and it did. But you know what, I’m GLAD that Jason sang this song. It sounded raw and made me feel the message even more.
  • Across the Universe (Beatles Cover) – Surprise! He didn’t sing the full song but it was awesome and unexpected! Jai guru deva om!
  • Lucky – Bad news: he didn’t ask me to come up on stage to sing with him. Good news: he sang both the male and female parts well! 
  • Fly Me To the Moon – He sounded great in this song! <3 Galing!
  • The World as I See It – Weeks before the concert, I listened to this new song and immediately decided that I didn’t like it. I still don’t like it that much but it’s way better live than recorded :)
  • The Woman I Love – Okay, nobody knew the song in our area except for me (so hipster) but I’m glad that they eventually liked it! Jason played this the way that I hoped it would be played when I put it in the dream setlist—making it sound as if he’s singing me a harana.
  • A Beautiful Mess – Rina’s song was played! Yehey! Trivia: this was my Multiply page name years ago. 
  • Please Don’t Tell Her – Grabeee, I enjoyed this a lot! It’s my new oldie favorite! This is my new status song ;)
  • I Won’t Give Up – Okay. I honestly didn’t expect that Jason would sing this even though it was part of the dream setlist. I swear I almost cried when he played the intro of this song. Attachment much? Well, based on other people’s posts, I think a LOT of them liked this so yehey. I hope it gets played in the radio soon. 
  • 93 Million Miles – Another unreleased song on my phone. I felt so hipster that I knew it. I’m such an elitist music fan, kainis.
  • You and I Both – FINALLY, the whole Araneta crowd joins us, stands up, dances to their feet and sings along to this song, which is in my dream setlist. Classic Mraz is always gooood. Good job to Miggy and I for knowing that he’ll mess up the lyrics in the end :p Trivia: I started the clapping sa intro! Hahaha! Achievement! 
  • The Remedy X Wonderwall – A lot of the folks remained standing, which is good, ’cause this song in my dream setlist was rendered fantastically. It felt so hopeful! And, he even mixed it with Wonderwall! Cool!
  • Details in the Fabric – Here’s the point when we all just shut up and listen because it was sung with all honesty and rawness. Thanks for reminding me that everything will be fine…and for singing this song from my dream setlist ;)
  • Life is Wonderful – Last song before the encore! Another dream setlist song! So, we were the only ones who stood up during the song. That is until Jason did this whole crazy guitar effects/recording thing when he sang “You are loved!” Crazy awesome sauce.
  • Rescue – This is my favorite part of the night. Jason saying a spiel against human trafficking and saying that this song is related to that. Meki screams “RESCUUUUEEE!!” and boom, there it was. Meki and her sister stand up and sing with Jason. We looked so hipster! Hahaha! But that’s not the point. I think I’ve told you that I imagined this song to be Jesus’ love song for me :) It felt great!
  • Butterfly – The most groove-able song of the night for the ladies, hands down! 
  • Freedom Song -I would be happy even if Jason ended the night with this song ’cause I think it captures the whole point of being a Jason Mraz. Lovely song!
  • I’m Yours – And finally, THE CROWD GOES WILD!!! I didn’t want this to be sung at first but nooooo, okay naaaaa! The energy of the crowd was crazy!!! Bravo! 

4) The man. Jason Mraz is such a performer. He knew how to connect with the crowd. His voice was amazing that Miggy and I would just stop, look at each other, and go “whoa”. It was really nice that he did this acoustic tour (though part of me wanted the Superband to be with him) ’cause it was not about the stage or the lights or the AVPs. It was all about him and his music. Add to that the fact that his spiels weren’t senseless. It was like I was listening to an inspirational speaker. My key takeaway:

How you do anything is how you do everything. – Jason Mraz


Bonus video! Me lipsynching 1000 Things. Prepare your vomit bags!


21 thoughts on “Jason Mraz in Manila: The Concert!

  1. Joice says:

    Hi! Was there too and goodness ilang araw na, hung over pa rin ako. Definitely the most awesome show ever! And yes, I’m really happy with the setlist too! I can imagine Barney Stinson singin Butterfly. Hahaha!

    • makemelodies says:

      Same here. Thing is, until now hung over pa rin! :) Can’t stop listening to Mraz songs! And yes, the setlist is fantastic! I would’ve loved a few more old songs [After an Afternoon!!!] but we can save that for 2012 ;)

  2. gizzelle says:

    awesome review! :) thanks to this, I finally know the songs he sang last Oct 30 :) I loved every bit of that night, especially when he talks. hehe :)

  3. bing lope says:

    …thanks for this blog..felt back the high spirit Iv had during the concert as I read this today… It felt good to know (at my forties) that I share the feeling with young people like you…again thanks

  4. a fan like you :D says:

    and did you notice he also messed up if it kills me. he sang, “you know i messed up the words” in the second verse.. and he sang, “i gotta keep playing…” in another song (i dont remember which)… i was laughing so haaard! :)))

  5. a fan like you :D says:

    hi! i am still on a high from last night’s concert (i think i will be for a loooooong time) and since i know you’ll understand i would love to spread the love to you. B-)


    i laughed at your hipster comments because i felt that way too! :)) it made me self-conscious singing and standing alone because the people in the lower box didn’t know the sooongs! hahahaha. but i still love love love everything!

    • makemelodies says:

      Yeeeey!!! I appreciate you spreading the love to me ;) I’m always glad to find other Mraz lovers! :) Hehehe!

      Thanks for your kind words. Last thing I’d use to describe my blog is “awesome” so it really means a lot that you think otherwise!

      And dibaaaa! It felt so hipster!!! What “new”/unreleased song is your favorite? :D

      • a fan like you :D says:

        I won’t give uuuuup!!! makes me feel na di parin sya over kay TP hahahaha :P and 93 million miles. uuugh I love all the soongs :P I am so excited to buy the fourth album! <3

      • makemelodies says:

        Me toooo!! I’m glad we finally got news about the album!! :D I love I won’t give up, The woman I love, and Rescue! :) And yesss, kahiya! I kept on screaming “TRISTAN!” during the concert :))

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