Perfect Moments: Restaurant Review

My family loves to eat—that’s pretty obvious with our average weight and body size. A little piece of trivia though: we always budget eat. That means KFC and Jollibee and McDo whenever possible. Max’s or Shakey’s for times that we feel like vomiting on fastfood. Teriyaki Boy when there’s a special occasion. Some other resto when I feel like paying or when my mom feels adventurous.

Whenever we feel like eating out, the easiest getaway place from our home is at Blue Wave Marikina.

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Don’t get me wrong. I love this place. Their cinemas are great and are NEVER crowded with lots of people (sssh this is every Marikeno’s secret haven). I eventually got tired of the food I can eat @ Blue Wave though. Sure, they have KFC, Jollibee, Max’s, Shakey’s, Mang Inasal, Yellow Cab, Dencio’s and even Starbucks—but these are places I dine in at any other place. I wanted something that felt more home-y—something that would suit the “neighborhood mall” vibe of Blue Wave.

And alas, it arrived!

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Perfect Moments Bakeshop used to just be a bakeshop in Sto. Nino. It was right across my friends’ home and we always passed by the place but I never got to try it. That is until they put up this cute little shop @ Blue Wave which serves not only pastries and cakes but great food, too!


Such a homey vibe, no? Perfect Moments can sit only 12 to 15 people at a time.


The menu is so vast! Feel free to take your pick!

Menu outside!

Originally, what we enjoyed ordering were their all-day breakfast sets for only Php65! There is enough serving to get by and it comes with garlic rice, fried egg (awesomely cooked!) and iced tea. Sulit!


We eventually tried out the other food in the menu–which mostly come with iced tea, too.

Sry for the horrible photo. I always forget my camera.

The pan-grilled burger (Php65) is my sister Muning’s favorite! The size is just right and the taste is so mouthwatering! Good buns, easy-to-eat patty, perfect! It’s my top 2 burger next to SKOW’s cheeseburger.


The pan-grilled liempo (Php88), one of the “Perfect Meals”, is my sister Demdem’s favorite. I have yet to taste it but if she keeps coming back for it, then it should be good!


Something I randomly tried today was the seafood pesto (Php98). To that I say, congratulations self. You have just discovered the best pesto in town. The pasta was sorta overcooked but the sauce itself was fantastic!! It doesn’t give you the suya feeling! And trust me, I order pesto in almost every resto that I go to.


They of course have pastries, breads, and cakes—majority of which I again have yet to try. Their carrot cake (sold out when we were there today) is a winner though. It’s the best carrot cake I’ve ever tasted—to the point that it even inspired me to bake my own carrot cake since I was losing money kakabili ng whole cake for myself.

Our daily bread


BIG cakes!

Cute lechon-shaped bread!

Visit Perfect Moments at the Ground Floor of Blue Wave Mall @ Marquinton, Marikina, Sumulong Highway, Sto Nino, Marikina City
Contact them through: (02) 385-9133 / (02) 668-5555


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