Babe, I Got Your Back

I learned about this awesome Tumblr account that posts adorable visualizations of a bucket list, thanks to Roxy’s posts. I went into dreamy mode, and this is something I tried to fight since I have been conditioned to fight off giddy feelings—being a grown-up means being more realistic and practical. Then I realized that heeeey, it’s NOT bad to be kilig with something sappy and sweet. It’s normal to have emotions.

Anyway, point is, there are some kyot items on love in the bucket list. Funny thing is that I found myself thinking about those moments happening to me, but I can’t seem to imagine anyone by my side. In the past, I’d usually have this one person in mind whenever I think about the future. Now, there’s a lot of uncertainty…and I honestly think that it’s good. Why?

(1) I’m not yet ready. God has a LOT of things to correct in my life. I need to fix these things first and make sure that I’m emotionally, physically, and spiritually in tact when His will comes along.

(2) I don’t want to make my happiness depend on people. Genuine happiness comes from within and from above.

(3) I still have a lot to do. If you’ve seen all my bucket lists, you’ll know how many things I still want to accomplish—and those lists don’t even include my plan to start an events group with Aizel.

(4) I need someone who can deal with me. I’ll talk about my pains and fears and that someone has to understand. I can’t be with people who just want to play games. I need a sure thing.

I digress though. Despite my random self-realization on my need to stay this way maybe until I get to go to the States to study, I still have some things that make me kilig, of course. With that, I have vowed to add these things to my Bucket List: The Love Version.

And finally, to end this part about cheesy crap, this song makes me cry. It’s so heartwarming!

And in those times when you stop lovin’
That person I adore
You could relax
Because, babe, I got your back


On another note, God is so great! Both of our applications for the Foursquare Foundation project grant have been accepted! Truly, God has got our back ;) I honestly didn’t expect that we’d get in but I guess God has greater things in store for us! It will be a CRAZY 2011! I’m already excited for what God has in store for me and for us—I’m sure there will be a LOT of lessons to be learned.

Also, I now have an official small group! Booyah. We meet Tuesdays @ 8 pm so please avoid setting meetings at that time :p I’m excited for what God will do in our lives too. The opportunity to start a small group came at a very apt point in our lives. God truly has great plans for us!

In line with that, I’m thinking of starting a not-too-preachy small group in McKinley. I’m still looking for folks of the same faith who can help me start one. If you’re a believer and you work @ McKinley Hill, drop me a note! :) Let’s bring Christ to our workplace!


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