True Love Waits

Yesterday, I attended the wedding of a churchmate—Ate Edith—who’s already 38 years old (but definitely doesn’t look like it). Since I get all reflective during wedding ceremonies, of course I had a key takeaway from yesterday: TRUE LOVE WAITS.

I recently stumbled upon this site which shares Rica Peralejo‘s nice words on purity:

Maybe I looked stupid to many to have practiced purity before marrying my husband. But wow, it’s just so worth it.I am not only physically, but even emotionally intact today [because] we waited for the right time. Thank You Lord for the grace. It’s super super super worth it!

A friend and I have recently been discussing about our “ideal” relationship. I was quick to say that I like what our other friend has with her girlfriend :) They’re both Christians and he always makes kwento about how they make sure to put God at the center of their relationship. They’re each other’s covenant partner and from the kwentos, I can infer that they vowed purity until marriage.

I want that. As Babeng says, I want someone na kahit ikaw na magbigay ng motibo, hindi ka pa rin papatulan. Hahaha! Well of course, I understand that the ladies should insist on purity too but you get the point :)

I thank God for His grace. Even if we fail Him sometimes, He’s quick to forgive. I remember reading this during my daily Bible reading last month:

Do not call anything impure that God has made clean. – Acts 10:15

It struck a chord in my heart. I wanted to cry ’cause of the revelation that God had for me. We make mistakes. No, I’m not perfect. But, God can renew us as long as we ask for it! Ever since that day, I have vowed to keep myself pure until the time comes that God gives me the guy He has prepared for me—and hopefully, that guy is currently keeping himself pure too :)

I’m planning on volunteering for True Love Waits Philippines soon. Join me?


On another note, here is yesterday’s outfit:

Sorry, it’s so…plain. I was feeling a combination of sleepiness/sickness/weakness/tiredness so I just randomly pulled this new dress that I bought. Please notice the belt and shoes that do not match. My mother disapproves of it but it’s my tiny way of “breaking the rules”. Hahaha! Wore a white cardigan ’cause didn’t want to show too much skin.

Shoes – Parisian, Dress – SM Dept Store, Cardigan – from the States

Hehe I look like a statue!


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