My Favorite Day

I have a lot of favorites. I actually think that I label everything I like as my ‘favorite’—including my friends. Hahaha! I think I’ve already told more than 5 individuals (including Kian and Mark Frond) my now famous line: “You’re my favorite friend!

I may have a lot of favorites when it comes to other things but what I can say is that I have only one favorite day: SUNDAY! I used to dislike Sundays because of all the ‘work’ that needed to be done on the said day. In the past, I viewed it this way:


Sweet, sweet slumber


Work until early AM

 Church stuff for the entire day

Late dinner out

Recently though, due to some change in priorities, I have learned to appreciate Sundays to the point that I actually look forward to spending this day. It becomes a culmination and celebration of the numerous blessings that God has given me throughout the week. And how can THAT not be happy? ;) And magaling talaga si Lord. He gives me what I want when I put Him first in my life.

For example, today went like this:

Sweet, sweet slumber until 10 am. Booyah!

Watched Jason Mraz’s Beautiful Mess: Live On Earth special on MYX Presents. It sucks that they showed only half of the show but a dose of Mraz goodness is always welcome.

Had lunch @ OJ’s. I will write about that awesome place tomorrow :)

 Barangay Cluster time with Malandayers! :)) FUNFUNFUN! Let’s just say na mukhang mananalo kami ;)

Worship/church time at night! :)

Basketball night with the boys!!! In fairness, ‘di na masyado testosterone-filled ito kasi at least kasama ang mga girlfriends/wives so may ibang girls there :)

That was a crazily beautiful day, no? I got to be with a lot of people—and hopefully was able to make my relationships with them deeper than being mere acquaintances. More importantly though, I know that spiritually, I grew today. And that, for me, is what’s important.


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