Para Sa’yo, Lord!

Today is another unexpectedly amusing day :) Got a good night’s rest and woke up late in the morning, worked for a bit, accompanied Potpot and Muning to National Bookstore Katipunan, got my free drink @ Starbucks Katip (which has the most good-looking baristas), and joined the meeting for JCLAM‘s 43rd anniversary celebration on Nov 26 and Nov 27.

The anniversary committee meeting made me realize a nice thing: I should have a life “tagline” which would help me direct my life towards the correct road. I cannot explain how exciting it is to be part of God’s ministry! You know how much I enjoy planning events. As much as I make sure that everything I do, whether in the secular world or not, is offered to God, I enjoy what I do even more when I’m doing it directly for Him! ‘Yung hindi for the money, or for personal fulfillment, but more for lifting God’s name up even more.

With that, I have come up with this life tagline: “PARA SA’YO, LORD!” And yes, I even made some graphics.

The tagline means three things for me:

(1) Everything I do, I will do it for the Lord! I remember encountering this in a devotion some time ago. Everything that I do—be it washing dishes, singing, dancing, working in the office, or talking to my friends—I offer it to Him! This means I ask not only for His covering but also for His guidance—that He be the one to steer the wheel in all of my actions.

(2) I will do anything as long as it’s for the Lord! It’s time to go beyond my comfort zone. Of course, I’m still going to stick to my interests and “specialties” but it’s time to stretch myself further—maybe by leading a group of people that I don’t really know, studying about His Word more intently, or speaking publicly about Him. Sometimes, it’s so tempting to say no because I get scared. Enough of that!

(3) I will do things if they give glory the Lord! Following Christ could mean that I have to weed out some things in my life that are unnecessary. Sabi nga, all I have, I count it all as loss. God’s revelations to me last month were mostly about sacrifice and I believe that it’s time to finally give my life direction.

Hay! The next months will be crazy! We’re busy with anniversary preparations, small grouping, and planning things out for the Youth group. Next year, I’ll hopefully involve myself in our year-long project, and sana Bible School! Help me pray for that :)

 I admit. It’s kinda scary not knowing where the Lord will take you next. But, I hold on to Romans 8:28:

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

And, according to Romans 8:25:

…if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.

I trust that You have something amazing planned for my life. Kahit ano, basta para sa’yo, Lord!


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