Oggo and Jullz Resto Grill: Restaurant Review

There is always that ONE staple foodie place that you will never get tired of. For me and my family, it’s Oggo and Jullz Resto Grill or as we fondly call it, “OJ’s”.

As my sister says in her review, OJ’s is such a cozy and intimate place perfect for chilling out, holding meetings, or having long conversations with friends/family. The most awesome thing is that it’s SO affordable—to the point that I think I eat food from OJ’s via dine-in/take-out 3 to 4 times a week.

Let me share with you my 2 favorite dishes that you MUST try if you do visit OJ’s.

BOWM. The best chicken wings (Php105) ever. So tasty and so affordable! I can finish this whole thing on my own. What sets OJ’s wings apart from others is that the chicken meat itself is tasty too! Hindi lang the skin! Just a disclaimer though: these are NOT spicy. I’m not sure if you can ask Chef Oggo to make it spicy but the regular order is a little bit sweet :)

Beef salpicao (Php120) in the house! The beef chunks are tender and the anghang is just enough! I haven’t actually eaten this in quite a while. Maybe I should try it again *nomnom*.

I actually have not been eating those two dishes in quite a while. Know why? ‘Cause OJ’s has SULEAT MEALS which is the most fulfilling tipid meal I have ever had. Each SULEAT MEAL comes with a cup of rice, sauce/gravy if needed, and a glass of iced tea. Among the choices are porkchop, lumpia, burger steak, and of course…CHICKEN. My sisters and I have been downing plate after plate of the Chicken SULEAT MEAL. The chicken is cooked so well that the skin tastes so…lovely. What makes this meal topnotch though is the gravy. OJ’s gravy is tied with KFC gravy on the top in my list of the best gravy in town. The best part? Each SULEAT MEAL costs between 55 to 75 pesos. Booyah.

Of course, you shouldn’t end your OJ’s without its best-selling dessert: BANOFFEE PIE (Php60).

I cannot express in words how delicious this is. I think what makes it taste good is that each layer complements the other layers. The cream part doesn’t taste too sweet so as to focus on the chocolate + caramel drizzle. The bananas + the toffee layer also taste perfect with each other. If you’re planning to go to OJ’s, libre niyo naman ako ng banoffee. Thanks :)

Just recently, OJ’s started serving coffee, frappes and shakes too! I’m not really a frappe/shake-lover but I’ve heard from my sisters that they taste good! And of course, they’re super affordable @ 55 to 80 pesos!

Mango Shake (Php70)

Make sure to visit OJ’s (and me since I live 5 minutes away) whenever you visit Marikina :)

You can call Oggo and Jullz Resto Grill @ 2278689 or email them @ ojrg_blessings@yahoo.com!
Visit them @ 727 J.P Rizal Lamuan, Malanday, 1800 Marikina Heights, Philippines. I can accompany you there if you want ;)

**all photos are from OJ’s Facebook page


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