What To Do in Cebu…

…when you are just accompanying your mother for her Convention. That means, you are nowhere near a beach, you don’t have money to spend (well, you do, but it’s gonna come out of your own pocket), and you have your 3 younger sisters with you to take care of.

Yes, that happened to me. It was my first 3-day leave from work and I knew that I had to make sure that I would have a good time no matter what happens! Meki being out of the office is a rare opportunity so I had to grab it!

Day 1 officially started in the afternoon for us since our mother had to attend a session from afternoon to evening. With me were my 3 sisters and their 2 friends so I was on full-on ate mode!

Walking in the streets of Cebu City!

We decided to just go to Ayala Cebu—which was humongous, by the way. I don’t have photos of the shops but my golly, Cebu has a loooot of pretty clothes. It was so tempting to shop but I still had self-control back then ;)

Our first main stop after window-shopping was My Joy! How did we pick that place? We just chose the only fastfood that doesn’t exist in Manila! Hahaha! I visited their website when I got back to Manila and they apparently are one of the pioneers in Cebu fastfood dining! They’ve been there for over 20 years! Crazy!

Affordable burgers heheee

Such a colorful place! It reminds me of Cindy's!

We continued walking and got ourselves some dessert from Ice Castle :)


We didn’t do anything else other than stroll around, find a good place to take a photo, enter random shops, and buy random food from stalls we pass by. It was awesome! You know why? ‘Cause Ayala Cebu is BEAUTIFUL! It’s like a mix of Shang + Greenbelt + ATC! Also, I really felt so independent leading these minors. Hehe!

The kids!

Yung gitna lang yan ng mall ah.

Being maarte sa may fountain :))

One of the many sides of the mall!

Day 2 was a little MORE independent. We didn’t want to go to the mall again so I decided to treat my sisters to the Sky Experience Adventure at Crowne Regency. We took the Sky Day Tour which costs Php888 per person. The package includes:
* Lunch Buffet at Wang Shan Lo (Authentic Chinese Cuisine by Hong Kong Chef )
* One (1) Entrance Pass to Sky Level
* One (1) Sky Ride (Choice of Edge Coaster or Skywalk Extreme)
* One (1) 4D Theater Show (Choice of Museum of Horrors, Cross Racing & The Lost Island)
* Free use of Outdoor Swimming Pool

It was perfect since we wanted to eat, swim, watch something, and go for something more adventurous than malling.

Eating!! Super sulit! Sarap! :)

Took some pics outside!

Watched a scary 4D show! Didn't know it was gonna be scary!

Highlight of the day: Skywalking!!!! So scary but fuuun!

Had to do it twice coz Potpot decided to go for it and Demdem didn't want to go :p

Went swimming to end the fun sisterly bonding!

Finally, by Day 3, we were able to get a quick tour of the city with the adults! :) We didn’t really have a lot of time to spare though since we still had to check out and our flight was early that evening.

Fine fine sky

Visited Alegre Guitars.

Visited the Lapu-lapu thing too!

Visited Magellan's Cross!

It was a very quick tour that I didn’t get to fully enjoy c/o my cramps :( The part I actually enjoyed the most was buying pasalubong! Hehe! :) We had to check out afterwards and of course, we just had to take a pic with the kuya who looked like a chubby John Mayer.

Hi John Mayer!

That break really was more about spending time with the family and relaxing. I can’t say that it was about taking my mind off of things ’cause I worked in the evening (IKR).

Thus, now, I beg my Cebu-hailing friends to take me to Cebu for a trip to really appreciate the place. I know that I’m still missing out on a lot of things!


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