To My Boss

Finally, I can write about my boss since he’s technically not my boss anymore! Thus, this is not in any way kissing ass. Hehe!


During my first ever offsite, I remember hearing you speak in front to say something about your team. Right after you’ve spoken, I made it an informal career goal to be a part of your team in maybe 5 to 6 years when I’ve gained enough experience. Little did I know that 2 months after, I would indeed be joining your team. Thank you for welcoming me into the team despite my noobness and for giving me the opportunity to do something that I enjoy.

Having you as my boss for the past year has been an exceptional experience. Here are some things I’ll never forget:

  • You always put things into perspective. As a “young” one, there’s always a tendency for me to see things only from my POV. You’ve helped me to see the bigger picture.
  • Being a crazy bibo kid, I appreciate how you understand my incessant involvement with “extra work”. I also appreciate the reminders to make sure that I still am able to balance time spent for work and for life.
  • You never hinder opportunities that come our way :)
  • I like how you trust your team. The way that you always address the group positively somewhat boosts confidence.
  • Whenever you share personal work experiences, it makes me relate easier. After your kwento, I usually go “Ohhh, so he experienced that, too. I guess that’s normal pala.”
  • I will never forget how scared I get whenever you’d ask if we could talk. Hahahaha! There was one time that it was just to remind me not to stay up too late. Talk about being paranoid! Haha!
  • I learn something new with each one-on-one session. My most important learning, of course, is that I can’t please everybody. Thank you for making me realize that my “problem” shouldn’t really be a problem after all.

I can list down more stuff that I’m sure you don’t remember anymore but the main point is just that I want to thank you for helping me grow and mature not only as an employee but as an individual. I pray that you and your family will continue to be blessed as you bless others with your gifts. I’m sure you’ll still do amazing wherever you will be moving forward!

We’ll miss you! Keep in touch!


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