The Ultimate Weekend Part 2: Overnight and Other Cool Stuff!

…dary! Legendary!

PART 4: The Unexpected

Upon getting back to SM Manila, we boarded Diane’s adorable Montero Sport to head to the World Trade Center in Pasay for the….wait for it…AME Monogatari! Don’t know what that is? Me neither! But, here’s the event poster:

Do not fret! It’s not yet the end of the world! Hahahaha! Here’s the thing: prior to November 12, Meki and anime were never a perfect match…well, we were never a match at all. You can just imagine how hard it was to live through 4 years of college having friends who are into these things. Joke lang. It wasn’t really that hard but the point is that I don’t like it. And I vowed that I will never do.

Things changed though when Hans and Teners were able to talk me into joining the group in this AME thing. I didn’t want to roam around MoA alone ’cause I was sure that I’d get lost, and I also wanted to try out something new. When I got there, I felt like a lost little girl in a brand new town. Almost everyone was dressed up!!! There was Japanese music playing!!! I didn’t know what I was getting into!

But alas, my friends were kind enough to explain stuff whenever I asked silly questions—the most used of which is “Sino ‘yan?“. Hans took pictures of me with cosplayers whose “cos”-es I didn’t know. After much observation and keeping an open mind, though, I started to get amused with the cosplayers abundant in the venue. In all due fairness to them, they really put in a lot of effort into what they do! And sobrang cool lang na nagpapapicture talaga mga tao sa kanila. In fairness to me, some of  the characters portrayed were familiar (e.g. Dragon Ball Z characters, Naruto, that dude in yellow with a hat, etcetera).

What made me give anime (or just cosplaying) a chance though was the group cosplay competition. The only thing I can say is sobrang galing nung Team Suna! Their performance was so brilliant! I got excited kahit ‘di ko alam ano dapat talaga ‘yung ginagawa nila.

Pic from their fanpage :p Click the pic for the link

So sad that I wasn’t able to take a video of their 5-minute performance but you can view it here (5:52 onwards). I’d like to thank my awesome friends for onboarding me [hehehe, onboarding] to this whole cosplay/anime thingamajig. You helped me gain a new appreciation for this form of art.

PART 5: Winner, Winner, Steak Dinner!

We headed to MoA afterwards to grab dinner at Pepper Lunch!! :) But, there was a queue so we (Frond, JC and I) headed first to Power Mac Center to window shop and use the Photobooth hahahaha, then Frond & I just stood near the railings and gazed at the adorable Chevy Exhibit below us. Yes, there was a Camaro!

Eventually, we got our table and got to have our buhay-baboy dinner as if we didn’t just come from a foodtrip. I got the Curry Beef Pepper Rice with Cheese (Php235) and gaaaah it was such a delight to eat that! Sobrang sarap! I wish I could’ve taken a pic of it kasi maganda ang lighting but alas, this photo from Tumblr should do:

Click image for the source :)

Diane was right. The flavor of the cheese wasn’t really that prominent but I think it served its purpose by countering the strong flavor of the curry and by making the texture stickier than usual, which is great :)

JR – 4.6 stars

Diane – 4.5 stars

JC – 5 stars
[I forgot to make a graphic for it hahaha!]

Hans – 4.5 stars

Ten – 5 stars
[I forgot to make a graphic for it hahaha!]

Frond – no score :o
[I forgot to ask him yata!]

Meki – 4.5 stars

We went to Data Blitz after ’cause one of us (will not name him/her for the sake of his/her security) decided that he/she wanted to buy an Xbox at that moment. Wow lang. Instant 16k! Maybe someday when I’m older I can do that. The folks from Data Blitz were disappointing though so he/she wasn’t able to buy one. Really horrible service, Data Blitz MoA. Sad sad sad.

We bought some non-alcoholic drinks, chips, and batteries in the grocery and headed to our final leg! The car ride to Diane’s from MoA was hilarious! We played the category game wherein one would give a category and everyone should say something that falls under it. For example: Category is color. Possible answers are blue, red, navy blue, dark brown, etc. To cut it short, JR lost in all 5 rounds. Hehehe! :p He owes us 5 consequence points :)

We then moved on to the next game which was dugtungan ng kanta. When we ended up with a 90’s song (and the background music was Magic’s Saturday Slam), we went into nostalgic mode and made kwento about things that we miss from being a kid in the 90’s just like this song:

PART 6: Overnight!

We eventually got to Diane’s crib with MP welcoming us by opening the gates. Almost the entire night was spent on…yes, you guessed it right: ROCKBAND!!!

I wish I could post pictures but Hans’ memory card is corrupted so we’ll have to pray for that to get fixed first. Nonetheless, it was awesome. I named our band “Frond Act” in honor of Frond hahahaha! JR and I hogged the microphone, Hans beat the crap out of the drums, while Frond, MP, Diane, and JC rocked the guitars and the bass.

Ronqz arrived (with Green Tea Kitkat!!!!) and joined in the fun too. When we got tired of playing Rockband, we resorted to a great physical game—UNO Stacko. Hahahaha! It was so much fun to play it :)) Lahat kasi kinakarir! Hahaha!

The game of champions.

I’m not sure at which point of the night it happened but eventually, JR, Mark and I fell sleep on the couch. Next thing I know was that they were waking us up to go to the room and sleep there. I remember setting the alarm for just a 1-hour powernap and dozing off in the bed.

When I woke up, it was time for the Pacquiao-Marquez bout…not! There were three undercard games we had to watch c/o pay per view. We didn’t get to watch the first one ’cause we tried to watch Horrible Bosses instead, but the second undercard match was awesome! Hahahaha! Dugo-dugo na si Alvarado but he still won! The third match was horrible to look at. The 40-year-old boxer dude just kept on hugging the younger dude. Buti na-TKO.

Eventually, the moment of truth came. Ganda to watch it on HD and without commercials! Commentary c/o Ronqz was hilarious! Hahaha! All of us weren’t really that maingay cause we were holding our breaths—we were really worried that Marquez would win the whole thing. Surprise, surprise! Pacquiao still won but the unanimous opinion is that it wasn’t a good fight to watch.

After some FIFA and Rockband games, we headed home. Thanks to Ronqz for the hitch to Katipunan! I like even just being there during mornings and afternoons :)

When I got home, I just realized that I spent almost 36 hours with these people and I do not regret even one moment of it! Thank you, friends, for a fantastic weekend! Ulitin natin!


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