Is it just the weather or did the world mean to make me cry today? I honestly cannot blog about anything else right now ’cause I am speechless with the latest How I Met Your Mother episode.

I’ve never really completely shared about it but HIMYM has been a constant in my life for the past three years. I remember the first episode that I caught on TV. It was S02E12 – Columns.

I saw this episode during that long break before my JTA. I didn’t actually know that it was HIMYM I was watching. The sitcom just connected with my kind of humor. During our JTA itself, Kem brought with him Season 1 and Season 2 DVDs of HIMYM (pure coincidence!), and our dorm FTP server hosted seasons 3 and 4 (pure coincidence too!). Ever since our JTA, I’ve been hooked with the show. We actually tried to do our own version the opening sequence (I wonder where the pics are), and we vowed to watch the last episode of the last season together.

There are two things I like the most about HIMYM:

1) I like how it “maintains a coherent and consistent universe”. It’s like watching someone’s life unfold. I can’t explain it through words but I’m sure that you get the point if you watch the show too. It’s the same thing that I like about Back to the Futurecause I’m sure it takes extra effort to have minimal continuity errors in a series already running for 7 seasons.

2) It makes me feel like I’m part of the HIMYM troop. It feels as if I’m friends with Lily, Marshall, Ted, Robin and Barney. And this sucks sometimes ’cause I can’t help but feel for the characters. A great example of which is me crying tonight because of Barney.

I’ve had too much emotional investment on the Robin X Barney BroTP. Ever since Ted revealed that Robin is just an aunt, meaning she sadly can’t be the mother, I’ve been rooting for Robin X Barney despite all the negativity about them surrounding me. I’m sorry but I think the whole idea of bros turning into lovers is cool ’cause you know, friendship is a great foundation. Haha. And besides, they’ve been through a LOT together—and they still accept each other despite their quirks and annoyances.

So yes, I am Team Robin X Barney. And yes, I hate what happened in the latest episode. *SPOILER ALERT* C’mon, Robin. Barney gave Norah up just to be with you again and you choose Kevin. Why? Just because he “wants you to see yourself the way that he sees you”? Barney’s right, y’know.

When you meet the right person, you know it. You can’t stop thinking about them. They’re your best friend. And your soul mate. You can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with them. No one and nothing else can compare.

That just HAS to make you stop and think if you’ve already met THAT one. Did you let him/her get away? Have you been comparing everyone to him/her and there’s just no one who can live up to the bar that’s already been set? Well, for Robin X Barney, ever since they became bros, I knew that there was something between them and in Robin 101, I just knew that it was for keeps. And tonight, I honestly thought they would get back together. Why? Because this is true:

That just HAS to make you stop and think if you should take a second chance with someone or if you’ve been thinking about that person or if he/she’s been thinking about you too. And alas, my hopes were so high that they’d end up together and live happily ever after. Barney ditches Nora when they get home from the boat and I was just so secretly glad that he could give something up for the one he loves.

Robin, however, decides to ruin the whole thing by falling for Kevin’s sweet words. Sheesh. Thanks for appearing during that midnight WITH KEVIN. Thanks talaga. And thanks for breaking Barney’s heart by doing this:

And thanks for apologizing. Really appreciate it. /sarcasm

Moral of the story: WE NEED A SURE THING.




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