Get a Samsung Galaxy Y from SMART!

Okay, so I saw this random SMART billboard along C-5 and for the first time ever, I can outrightly say that IT WORKED ON ME. I badly want to get the Samsung Galaxy Y! It looks so young and hip!

I’m not really a tech junkie but here are some things that I found out about the Samsung Galaxy Y that I sort of understand. Thanks Internet!

Operating System: Android 2.3 Gingerbread – This blog enumerates the top 10 features of Gingerbread but my main takeaways are (1) the new on-screen keyboard, (2) application and power management, (3) download management, and (4) JVM speed. The rest are too geeky for my understanding but if you get it, good for you. Point is: new is always better! (And, I’ve always wanted to have an Android phone ever since we bought J’s Galaxy Ace.)

Memory: 150 MB + micro SD up to 16GB – As long as it can store my stuff, then good job! I usually just keep photos, music, and a few videos ’cause I’m a sentimental schmuck like that.

Imaging: 2MP Camera + Video  Recording – Horrible camphone photos are no biggie for me ’cause I can edit them to make ’em look vintage. Huzzah!

Wi-fi, 3G, Bluetooth, USB: YES – Way to go! I can stay connected! (That sounded so commercial-y.) But yes, I need a phone with Wi-fi capabilities ’cause I have ADHD and need something to amuse me whenever I’m waiting for people—which doesn’t happen that often now ’cause I’ m always late but that’s a different story.

Swype: YES – Yeheeeey I love SWYPE! As an input method, it is perfect for lazy typers like me. Basically, you just lift your finger BETWEEN WORDS ’cause you can just slide from letter to letter to form a word. Galing!

Sounds like a normal phone, no? Thing is, SMART makes it a WHOLE LOT BETTER! Let me ask Rhian Ramos to explain it to you:

Yes, SMART has a Netphone edition of the Samsung Galaxy Y! You can learn all about being a “Netphone” here but what amused me is the fact that it has unlimited Facebook, Twitter and Chat…and text to SMART numbers. All for 349 per month. I cannot fathom how sulit that is!

Feel ko never na akong mawawala ’cause I’ll always be accessible! Well, I’m sure I’ll be getting the said plan when I get the time to go to the mall but I do hope that you’ll get one din ’cause I want people to Net Messenger with. Hahaha! It’s the new BBM!


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