The Hidden Side of Everything

Today, I claimed a package from the post office! Funny thing is that I did not what I was gonna get! I wasn’t really expecting to receive anything except for my supposed prize from Cece which I haven’t sadly haven’t received yet but would probably not come via a parcel.

If you know me, you know how much I love free stuff and receiving random mails and packages. I was naturally excited!

Wooooo!! Can you guess what was inside? ;) This blog post’s title gives it away and I think it’s pretty obvious with the packaging too…

Tadah!!!! Yours truly got a copy of Freakonomics shipped all the way from LA!  I’ve always wanted to read this so yey! Honestly, I couldn’t trace where I won this from when I got the package—yes, I join too many giveaways. Googled about it when I got home though and I do remember now! :) Thanks a lot, Myra!! :)


Meki’s blooper yesterday:

Went to Books For Less to check out new inspirational books to buy. I saw a brand new copy of “When God Writes Your Love Story” and wanted to buy it so bad…but I didn’t ’cause I realized that I just bought expensive coffee that day. When I got home, I realized that I already bought a copy of that book 2 months ago. Presence of mind, Meki. Presence of mind.


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