Count on Me Like One, Two, Three

I met up with college friends today for a gathering which I called “Just Like The Old Times“. It’s labeled as such ’cause we got together at Liban’s home—a place that we called “our home” since we discovered it during the sophomore year Christmas party. Thanks to Rai for reminding me that it’s been almost 4 years since that event. We are old.

As I have tweeted, it really is relieving to meet college friends. Talking, eating, playing Kinect games, and laughing at each other has an extra comforting feeling when it’s done with friends who knew you throughout the most important years of your school life.

The night made me think about what friendship w/ the block means to me. These are people that used to see and talk to everyday. Right now, we’re lucky if we even get to talk once a week or meet up once a month. Know what? The best thing about my blockies is that even though it’s not convenient to stay in each other’s lives, I never felt even once that they weren’t my friends anymore. They [meaning a majority of them or those I am really close to] always make me feel accepted no matter what crap I get myself into and I’m sure that they won’t judge me—that I’m sure of since they’ve seen me become crazy, emo, mayabang, annoying, and mad.

And yes, I can count on them like one, two, three, and they’ll be there. And they can count on me like four, three, two, and I’ll be there. ‘Cause that’s what friends are supposed to do.

Being with them made me remember one lesson in life that I seem to have forgotten: Those who matter don’t mind. Those who mind don’t matter.


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