Pizza Hut’s On-The-Dot Deal!

My blockmates and I love eating. During our get-togethers we usually eat pizza ’cause it’s a vegetable. Bwahaha! Kidding aside, we never order Pizza Hut when Danna’s not around ’cause she’s the only one who has a Palm Card. We usually opt for Shakey’s Grand Slam ’cause it feeds us all.

Yesterday though, we had a random craving to get pizza from Greenwich. Unfortunately, they don’t deliver past 10 pm and I think it was already 11. Thus, we had no choice but to but from Pizza Hut. Good thing I remembered seeing a 2 for 499 promo poster somewhere! I forgot the details but there was the friendly phone operator to answer my questions :)

And yes, my friends, I have discovered a GREAT deal from Pizza Hut! They call it the Pizza Hut On-The-Dot Deal and it can save you up to Php498 an order!

Yes, until December 31, you can get 2 pizzas for only Php499 and 3 pizzas for only Php699. That’s really affordable, right? The good news is that there are NO EXTRA CHARGES. THAT is ALL you pay for!! :) The best news though is that they bring the pizza to your doorstep within 30 minutes. I don’t like having food delivered because of the wait time but Pizza Hut makes it acceptable ;)

To add to that, you have great flavors to choose from! I personally LOVE Bacon Cheeseburger, Supreme, and Pepperoni! :)

Well, you probably know what I’ll be eating whenever I get hungry ;) In fact, I just ordered two boxes again today for dinner. Bwahahaha!


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