Which Gaming Console Should I Buy?

Okay, so I’m not exactly your ideal gamer. Scrap that. I am NOT a gamer. But yes, you read that post title correctly. I need to know what gaming console I should buy.

Given my plethora of choices, I have decided to take this to cyberspace and take advantage of my good bunch of gamer friends in helping me decide what I should purchase this Christmas.

Things to consider:

1) The main purpose of buying is to give me and my family a fun way of having physical activity.

2) It should encourage group play, fun and camaraderie ’cause it’s a gift to my family.

3) I prefer something that doesn’t have too many wires and too many parts.

4) My family loves music so hopefully we can get to play Rockband when I get the extra money to buy instruments.

5) Violent/scary games are not preferred so I probably won’t be “missing out” on new games.

6) It should be easily understandable. I rarely read manuals so it hopefully should be something that’s easy to figure out on my own. Also, it should be easy to operate to the point that my sisters won’t need to call me to ask how to set it up, and when they do set it up on their own, I shouldn’t go home and find it destroyed.

7) I want to practice playing FIFA and 2k12 so that I can kick my guy friends’ tushes and hold a tournament when I’m ready to win. Bwahahaha!

8) I want to host a gaming night for the boys (church friends + family) someday.

9) I don’t want to buy pirated games so the original ones should be relatively cheaper.

10) I want to do other things with my console if possible–e.g. watch movies/listen to music/surf the Net.

11) It should look sleek. I do NOT want it to be “cute”.

12) It hopefully would last long and wouldn’t be hard to maintain.

So, what should I get among the awesome three? Please leave me a comment! I’d appreciate it a lot! :)


PS3 / PS3 Slim



One thought on “Which Gaming Console Should I Buy?

  1. Aeon Zero says:

    I think both PS3 and XBOX 360 will work for you. A lot of games are made for both consoles including Fifa, NBA and Rockband. The difference is how you want your motion gaming experience to be. I don’t have a Move or a Kinect but looks you’ll enjoy the Kinect more because you can use your whole body. But you need a good amount of space.

    Move, on the other hand, is like the Wii but more precise. Reviews say it is even more precise than the Kinect and it works very well for shooter games. :)

    For me, there is no way I can play a Kinect in my room but a Move will do just fine. For you, if you have enough space, I’d say go with the Kinect. :)

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