The Gratitude List

As cliche as it may be, I am writing a gratitude list for Thanksgiving :) So yeah, these are the things I am thankful for in no particular order:

1) My salvation and God’s love and grace as He accepts me even though I am a sinner.

2) My biological family and extended family which are a wacky bunch.

3) My spiritual family <3

4) Being born into a Christian household and having pastor parents :)

5) Starting school when I was three ;)

6) Persol, Samboy, Vonvon, Mark, Ryan, Babeng and Dessy.

7) My cool neighbors when we still lived across the street who hosted random “tea parties” and “beauty pageants”.

8) My cousin’s Family Computer.

9) Jaja, Dar, Katrina, Laura, Doreen, DA, Catherine, Jane, and Marc.

10) Having a principal and advisers back in Grade School who supported me despite my being a not-so-typical honor student. (Thanks for fighting for me too when needed :p)

11) Basketball, billiard, and shooting games that I witnessed when I was a kid.

12) Knowing my SG friends (a.k.a. FF) whom I have not talked to in years but have definitely made first year high school easier for me :)

13) Curie, Lauan, Krypton, Jade.

17) Puno ng Lauan.

14) Sir Joms, Mam Ching, Sir Bosi.

15) Ma’am Amurao :)

16) Getting into Pathways, ANI, and AJSS.

17) Ate Cyb, Ate France, Ate Honey, Ate Kimgirl, Kuya Teej, Kuya Lens, Paolo, Doray, Ria Mastermind, Tanya, Kimkim.

18) Being given the chance to be my madaldal self and speak in front of my batchmates and  their families during graduation.

19) SIDL Merit Scholarship in Ateneo <3

20) The BEST blockmates/friends one can ever have :)

21) Staying in CS.

22) DISCS. Ma’am Didith.

23) CompSAt.

24) Rai, Karuh and Miggy.

25) F Boys.

26) Jam and John.

27) Fitness First!

28) Knowing the Callalily boys through Fitness First even before Kian was a heartthrob.

29) Katipunan.

30) Being able to study in France and travel around 11 countries in Europe with new friends while I was a minor!

31) Knowing some folks from SOM and finding out that one can be good friends with conyo folks ;) Hehe!

32) The crazy John period of my life.

32) The happy John period of my life.

33) The crazy John period of my life again.

34) The wisdom and knowledge needed to pass my college subjects :p

35) Cum laude :)

36) Passing all my interviews at P&G but…

37) Joining HP :)

38) Revival of my spiritual life.

39) Being given away by my original manager *sobsob* which led to me being where I am now :)

40) Being in ADSI! <3 <3 <3

41) Finishing OSL Basic Training!! :)

42) A very welcoming, loving, and fun-to-be-with ex-Portal family :)

43) Boracay

44) Midnight snacks

45) An inspiration overseas who I think is inspired by someone else now.

46) A team full of achievers, leaders, and awesome people, who are still very down-to-earth and hilarious!

47) Sheng, Pope, and Lala.

48) Simon, Bacchus, Mels, Nikki.

49) Wiki U :)

50) Inspire@HP friends.

51) Taylor, Miin, Handoko, Barbara, Dan and Greg.

52) Pleasant client managers, project managers, and delivery managers.

53) People who say thank you :)

54) Strength.

55) Joy.

56) Peace.

57) Love.

58) My life.

59) Music.



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