Top Ten Jobs I’d Probably Be Good At

Have you ever sat down and thought about what jobs you would probably be good at if you weren’t in your current occupation? I always do that–not because I hate my job (I still love it) but only because I enjoy imagining what I’d be when I resign from my current company in maybe 10 to 15 years. I’m such a loyal employee.

So, here’s my list of the top ten jobs I’d probably be good at. Feel free to share your list via the comment box in the bottom part of this post.

10) Actress

I love acting…and I’m sure our househelp would attest to that. If you spend a day in our home, you’ll find me emoting as if I’m in a soap opera 70% of the time. I fake-cry when the food I’ve been keeping in the refrigerator has been consumed by rats my sisters. I do a victory shout and a victory pose when we catch the annoying mouse at home. I act like a giddy tween star (e.g. Barbie Forteza) when I have an encounter with my crush.

9) Bike-rider/photographer for Google Maps

Other than the fact that I need the extra physical activity, I am a very anal [orderly, organized, compulsive] person. Google can be sure that I won’t miss any street ’cause I’d probably come up with some plan to make sure that I’d cover every area with the least effort possible. Or maybe I should just work for the Google office, ‘no?

8) Disney Character

I’m a kid at heart and can stay in Disneyland forever. I’m hyperactive and can be friendly with kids and even their parents. I can put on a fake smile for at most 10 hours a day. I enjoy mimicking voices of people and even animals. I can sing [at least not out of tune], dance and act. The verdict is: YES! I can be Pluto!

7) Courtside Reporter for the NBA

I think people get tired of how much I talk about the NBA :( I don’t talk about it more often now over the Net but discussing the ins and outs of the greatest game ever in person gives me endorphins. I’m sure I can still brush up on my knowledge of basketball lingo but I’m not trying to be a commentator here. A courtside reporter doesn’t need to speak throughout the entire game and analyze each play, which is good since I’d still have time to watch and squeal and scream.

And maybe I can get married to Derrick Rose. *heart heart heart*

6) Candy Store Owner

Other than the fact that I have sisters who are addicted to candy, I myself am addicted to colors…and to Willy Wonka…and to Johnny Depp.

5) Professional Sleeper

I need sleep and I’m sure that this job exists somewhere out there ’cause I’m sure that there is some scientist working on a study of slumber right now. So, hello there, scientist (or anyone who needs a sleeper). If you do stumble upon my blog, please hire me. I’d love to get paid to sleep on a perfect bed with a fluffy pillow.

4) Greeting Card Writer

I’m not sure about this one. I think this is just related to my odd assumption that I am Tom Hansen.

3) Chocolatier

They say that chocolates are a girl’s best friend. And they are right.

(See chocolate lake in the picture from #6.)

2) Ice Cream Flavor Inventor

Ever since I saw this special on Lifestyle Network called Food Challenge: Ice Cream Clash where four people competed by making ice cream recipes, it has become my dream to have a job in the future that’s related to ice cream. I can imagine the palate and creative juice high I’d get if I’d be tasked to add to Ben and Jerry’s already oozing plethora of ice cream flavors.

1) Court Jester

I remember Sweet (the local comedian, John Lapus) playing the court jester’s role in the film Ang TV: The Movie and being envious of how his job (in the film, at least) is to be a laughter machine.


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