Saturday 9: Nobody Told Me

1. When you grew up were you ever told how to deal with problems?

Having pastors for my parents, I have always been taught to raise any prayer or petition to Christ. I thank God for bringing me to a Christian family.

2. What was your first apartment like?

Never stayed in my own apartment but I did feel like it when I stayed in Residence Galilee (now Dennis Reille) during my JTA stint. It was expensive (almost Php25,000 a month, huhu) but it was sooo nice! I had a “walk-in” closet, my own bathroom WITH A BATHTUB, a comfy bed, a looooong table, two chairs, and a heater. We had a communal kitchen and quite interesting neighbors too :p

3. What was the first car you owned?

Never owned one…yet. A Honda Jazz coming soon by God’s grace :)

4. Tell us about a crush or relationship that you had at high school.

When I was in freshman year, I had a crush on a senior whose barkada was quite close to mine since I had very pretty friends whom they liked :p Silly young me gave him a code name: BABY RUTH.

5. Have you ever had an “enemy” in your life?

I have quarrels with some people and they may see me as an “enemy” but I’m trying to love everyone as my neighbor and not qualify them into people I like and people I don’t like. So, the answer is yes, I used to, but I’m learning to love them now–which makes them “friends” from my perspective.

6. What were you doing the first night that you got drunk?

7. Ten years ago, what was you job and did you like it?

Ten years ago, my job was to be an excellent student graduating in elementary. Thinking about it, it was quite hard considering I was just 11.

8. What movie had the biggest impact on you as a child and why?

The Replacements. (Yes, I was a kid when that came out.) Why? Positive effect: It made me appreciate the beauty of mankind c/o Keanu Reeves. Negative effect: It somewhat instilled the whole jocks + cheerleaders stereotype, and I thought that girls need beauty and not brains/personality/anything else to get the gwapo guys.

9. What are your plans for this weekend?

I plan to worship my God along with my spiritual family and serve Him through my ministry :) And, I also plan to download some Michel Thomas French tutorial audios, and buy some surprise gifts for some surprise people :p


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