Social Hour

Today’s question from That’s My Answer:

What’s going on in your life? Have you read any good books? Watched any good movies?

Such a timely question! Life is great nowadays. Workload is surprising light—or maybe I should use “was” because it’s starting to pile up again. What keeps me busy though is spending time with my family and devoting my efforts for the Lord and His ministry! I’ve also been checking off items in my 2012 plans Excel file–which is great! It really pays of to make a radical change with Christ ’cause you somehow get the motivation to start and accomplish things.

Last movie I watched in the movie house was FANTASTIC. If you have not watched Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story yet, please find a way to do so. For me, it doesn’t only bring back the good ol’ days of Pinoy action movies. It takes the action genre to a higher notch! Cast was perfect. Cinematography wanted to make me cry—I couldn’t believe that it was possible for Pinoys to finally make something like that. And the story was just captivating (even though it’s a remake).

And, my current read is The Relationship Principles of Jesus, which I would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone. (Thanks to Mels for suggesting!) It’s continuing to give me a new perspective on loving God and loving others. And as you may have noticed, almost all of my Facebook posts recently are quotes from the book. You know what’s great? God confirms the message of the book through my daily devotion :) Awesome.


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