Sepia Scenes # 1

Issa (Ate Mel’s adorable kid) arrives at the RLab. Meki plays with Issa and introduces her to Kevin, the RLab penguin :) This was when I started to feel like I have motherly instincts a.k.a my “I want to be a housewife” phase.

RLab is lab <3 It was our place for respite all throughout senior year. I can’t imagine not having the RLab to witness everything that happened that year. Like what I used to say, if the hidden cameras had microphones too, we’d probably look like we were in a sitcom.

Aww, with Kuya! Kuya Nel is my favorite kuya :) He has seen me through my best and worst and I’m glad that we’re still friends. I miss having him at home though for random playtime with the kids and I miss our conversations.

 Jai Reyes was my first ever UAAP crush. Liked him when we were both still in high school for reasons that I actually can’t explain. Hehe! :)

This blog post is a response to this meme:
Sepia Scenes
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