Top Ten Things I’m Excited About

2012 is looking really great! :) There are so many things I am excited about but since it’s Top Ten Tuesday, I’ll only name 10. I’m sure that God has even MORE in store for me this year. The thought of it scares me sometimes but when I realize that all I can rely on is His goodness and His strength, it comforts me.

Anyway, here’s my top ten list arranged chronologically:

1) Small groups!

Our church is finally launching our Care Groups! I’ll be leading a group of young people and I’m just soooo excited about what the Lord will do to our lives! :)

Other than, I also have a small group with HS friends, and am planning to start one in Mckinley! If you want to join us in talking about God, please feel free to let me know :)

2) CDO with blockmates!

I truly feel for the folks in CDO. What happened to the place is just tragic :( I do know that they are trying to recover now, and part of what we can do is promote CDO again for its famous tourist attractions! Some blockmates and I will be trying out a “Forever and a Day” experience as we hope to visit the Dahilayan Adventure Park, the Tinago Falls, and do some white water rafting if it resumes on time.

May God restore CDO (and the other places in Mindanao that were affected) completely!

3) Smash Project 2012!

What does one do when she learns that her favorite band/person (’cause I believe there is only one official member of the band) is coming back to Manila? She immediately buys a ticket—not worrying if there will be anyone watching the concert with her. Fortunately, I can third wheel with Li, and maybe tag along w/ Angel and Adrian. My heart welcomes you, Chris Carrabba. Finally, I will get to hear him sing live as I was in Hong Kong when he visited Manila last year.

If you do know me well, you’d know that I know the lyrics to almost every Dashboard Confessional  written. Hahaha! But I really really really hope and pray that he plays at least one of my favorite songs: So Impossible, Shirts and Gloves, A Plain Morning, As Lovers Go, or Carve Your Heart Out Yourself.

4) Singapore <3

I cannot believe I am actually going to Singapore. This is my first self-paid out-of-the-country trip! Woooooo! I can’t wait to finally finally finally visit Universal Studios, visit Sentosa (hopefully), and buy Cotton On clothes! And of course, I cannot wait to meet up with friends based in SG—hello Rodz, Kimoy, Jeremy, JD, Mikamiks, etcetera!

5) The Witness

I CANNOT WAIT TO FINALLY STAGE THE WITNESS AGAIN. (As if I’m part of the cast.) I’m excited to win more souls for the Lord! Lezdothis!!

If you want to witness this musical, let me know :) I’ll give you the details!

6) Youth Convergence @ Davao

The theme for this year’s convergence got my attention. My challenge to myself this year is really to tell the world about Jesus! I’m so excited about this, especially since I’m attending with Ate Jezreel (my catch-up mate) and Muning (my rat sister). Hopefully more young people from our church will be able to attend. The Lord will provide! :)

7) Israel Houghton and Planetshakers

I’m so excited for this one! I really pray that I can still have enough finances to watch this :-s I’m still standing!!!

8) Something secret :)

I’ll share the details when it’s already certain that I’ll be able to do this ‘something secret’. Hehe :)

9) Hopefully another out-of-the-country trip with the Oyco elders

Elders are planning to have a reunion in time for Nanay’s birthday. My assignment right now is to research on nice Asian cruises at that time. I pray that the elders would bless me by letting me join their trip for free. Hahaha!

10) A fruitful year!

He said: “I love you and that’s what you are getting yourself into.”


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