The Dream: Dashboard Confessional Manila Setlist

Yes, I’m a loser for not seeing Dashboard Confessional last year here in Manila. It was right smack in the middle of a family trip to Hong Kong and if only my tickets haven’t been paid for yet, I was willing to get left behind to finally watch my Carrabbaby (term invented by me bwahaha) live.

I was pretty sure that he won’t come back not because people in Manila don’t like him but more because I was not really sure about his profitability, and yes, I do understand that concert producers—despite their ultimate adoration for music—need to make money too.

And then, the world starts to surprise me with Odysseylive.Net posting a video of a Dashboard Confessional song and telling the world that we’ll “hear them soon” or something. Normal me panicked and had invisible tears. I could not believe it. Ever since fourth year high school, I’ve been in utmost like with Chris Carrabba’s music. I did not intend to but I memorized almost all of his songs, and much to my amusement, I could tell his songs apart and give you the song title—which I found difficult since his songs had a common sound.

If I can talk to Chris right now, I only have one thing to say: “I’ve gotta be honest. I’ve been waiting for you all my life.”

Click the image for the source.

And with that, here is my dream setlist for the Dashboard Confessional Manila visit this 2012. I’m not really sure how many songs he can play given that he’ll be with other bands but again, a girl can dream. This is in no particular order, and actually, I’ll just be glad if he can sing any song from this list considering that I like more songs from his old albums.

1) So Impossible – Hahahaha. This song. This song reminds me of someone I liked back in college. I like the whole “conversation” format of the song, and I like coffee in the evening, long drives, brown eyes, and guys that just don’t quite fit in.

Favorite line: Maybe my friend and your friend will hit it off…or maybe, we will.

2) Screaming Infidelities – Your hair, it’s everywheeeeere. This brings good memories of JTA—’cause I’d sing this song whenever I’m playing barber to the boys and their hair was scattered in my bathroom.

Favorite line: I hope you’re as happy as you’re pretending.

3) The Swiss Army Romance – This song reminds me of being young and crazy, and wanting to grow up, when in fact, when you’re old, all you wanna do is be young again. And it reminds me exactly of that moment when I was on a train in France and listening to this song. Brings me shivers.

Favorite line: Youth’s the most unfaithful mistress. Still we forge ahead to miss her. Rushing our moment to shine.

4) A Plain Morning – This song used to always play in my head whenever I’m with a group of friends and people would ask about this certain boy. Hehe.

Favorite line: And the people here are asking after you. It doesn’t make it easier.

5) Again I Go Unnoticed – The ultimate LQ song. I love this when it’s stripped down and acoustic.

Favorite line: Please send me anything but signals that are mixed. ‘Cause I can’t read your rolling eyes.

6) Ender Will Save Us All – I actually don’t know why I like this song. It strikes a special chord in my heart and makes me imagine Chris singing this to me—and messing up as he does in the video. Haha!

Favorite line: The harder I push the further I fall.

7) Shirts and Gloves – ONE OF MY ULTIMATE FAVORITES. This is probably the most underrated song from the album. I used to always play this song during that time when it would be so hard for me and certain boy to meet up due to our conflicting schedules.

Favorite line: I think I’ll miss you most on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It seems our day keeps falling on a leap year.

8) The Best Deceptions – Flirting with people is bad. #newperspective

Favorite line: I heard about your regrets. I heard that you were feeling sorry. I heard from someone that you wish you could set things right between us.

9) This Ruined Puzzle – High school memories. I believe someone actually used this as a blog name back in high school. I do not believe that there is no full live clip of this song. Oh, so underrated.

Favorite line: I’ve hidden a note. It’s pressed between pages that you’ll read if you’re so inclined.  It says, “Does he ever get the girl?”

10) Saints and Sailors – Hahahaha emo self used to like this. Thank you Lord for your joy!

Favorite line: This is where I say I’ve had enough and no one should ever feel the way that I feel now. A walking open wound, a trophy display of bruises and I don’t believe that I’m getting any better, any better.

11) Standard Lines – Ultimate break-up-but-you’re-still-friends-song. I think I’ve posted lines from this song on Facebook more than the acceptable number of times. Again, I could not find a live clip of this song, which is odd. So below is the album version :)

Favorite line: Which of the bold-faced lies will we use? I hope that you’re happy. You really deserve it. This will be best for us both in the end.

12) As Lovers Go – It amused me that Dashboard had a “happy” song.  This makes me hopeful! :)

Favorite line: You’ve got wits, you’ve got looks, you’ve got passion, but I swear that you’ve got me all wrong. All wrong, all wrong. But you’ve got me.

13) Carve Your Heart Out Yourself – Wrote about this song here. I’m not sure if he has ever played this live so I can’t share a video. But below is my favorite cover of it anyway.

Favorite line: Oh, you’re so sure I’ll be leaving in the end, treating me like I’m already gone. 

14) Anyone, Anyone – There is only ONE video of Chris Carrabba singing this live. I really am praying that he can sing this song here in Manila :-s This was my favorite song when certain boy was still “complicated” with someone else, and I was already starting to like him. Heheeee.

Favorite line: I won’t ask you to give up on the things that seem to keep you gone, but I could be gone too.

15) Until Morning – As you may notice, this is the only “new” song I have on my list. I don’t like it’s full band version that much but the acoustic version is just so honest and sincere. I really hope he plays this.

Favorite line: If this is over then why is it so hard? Just say you will stay with me one more night.

16) El Scorcho (cover) – Trivia: I almost like the Dashboard version as much as I like the Weezer original.

Not posting a fave line ’cause it’s not his song.

17) Jamie (cover) –  Trivia: I like the Dashboard version more than the Weezer original.

Not posting a fave line ’cause it’s not his song.


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