The Month That Was: A Review of January 2012

This Month’s Goals:


I thank God that I am still able to constantly have prayer and devotion, and that I am actually able to use both idle and busy times to talk to God (e.g. while riding the cab, while reviewing a SOW/CR, while talking to a difficult PM, etc). I never understood what they said that our “whole lives can be a prayer” but I guess I understand that now :)

I also promised God that I will use my skills for my ministry. I have been telling people that what I realized is that if I can exert maximum effort for initiatives at work, then I should be able to do that as well for the church. The first month has been great. The Care Circle program has started. And, I’m leading the Programs subgroup of the NCD team, which is quite exciting ’cause I get to practice event management ;)

I have been meeting up with my Catch-Up group every Wednesday to discuss life and last Sunday’s message, and with Camcam during weekends to discuss PDL :) My Care Circle will also be meeting up soon, which is exciting ’cause it’s my first time to ‘officially’ lead a small group, and I’m really stoked about what God will do to the lives of my ka-Circle. Also, it has been my burden last year to do something about winning Mckinley Hill and through God’s help we have finally created our Connect & Grow group! We’re meeting up for the first time on Thursday and I’m excited about how God will bless our ways!

I stumble and fall ’cause I am an imperfect person, but I always claim that I have a perfect God. The first month of this year has been about genuinely acknowledging my weakness and trusting God’s strength. I am always a work in progress but I can say that my progress this month has been better than my progress for the past 10 years of my life. Thank you Lord for your favor!

I’m not stopping anytime soon. February will be a more fruitful and blessed month, by God’s grace.


I spend more time with the family now ’cause I’ve become less of a workaholic, which I believe is good ’cause the kids are not kids anymore. I can harass Muning to have random bonding moments now—e.g. just earlier today, we met up in Katipunan to fix some bank matters and to eat. That’s a great improvement from how we used to quarrel 2 years ago.

I can also randomly talk to the rest of the family now. It has become more peaceful at home, and we are starting to learn how to handle rebuke properly. I can also openly discuss matters of the heart with them casually now—though that is not that often since it has not been a focus.

I also <3 the extended family. Coy, Lian and I are maturing, and even the rest of the grandkids. Everyone is slowly leveling up in terms of spiritual growth, and this makes me rejoice above anything else as that has always been my prayer.

As for Daddy’s side, Nanay and Marichie have been active in church, and Chim, Yunik, Ken-Ken and Tito Lito were able to join the Sports Night :) It’s always fun to see folks from the Carolino side as they remind me of Daddy.


Guess who has gone through 1 month without chicken, beef, pork, and softdrinks? ;) I did! Contrary to common belief, it was not for weight loss but was for health reasons. [1] [2] It’s going to be no chicken (except the breast part), beef, pork, softdrinks, iced tea, and a moderated sweet tooth next month. Exciting!

I was not successful in making my physical activity regular—though I’m trying to walk more often these days. I’ll try to utilize the Kinect more for the next month. I’m still looking for a way to purchase a Your Shape: Fitness Evolved CD with minimal expense.

I also have better sleeping habits now, which is a far cry from what I used to do a year ago. For February, I choose to tweak Ted Mosby’s notion that nothing good happens after 2 a.m. I think nothing good happens after 1 a.m. so I am choosing to make that my bedtime curfew—except of course if the situation calls for an all-nighter (e.g. work, get-togethers, all-night prayer, etc).


I have a LONG list of things I want to learn. This month though, I wanted to (1) read a book, and (2) start learning French.

I wanted to read a book ’cause ever since I started working for an IT company, I have forgotten the perks of doing that. I read a chapter of The Relationship Principles of Jesus everyday. Thanks to Mels for suggesting! Also, I read a chapter of Purpose-Driven Life every week. Aaah, the perks of purposeful reading are endless.

I also downloaded Michel Thomas’ French learning guides. I started with the first 2 Foundation CDs and it’s been nice re-learning how to parler French without having to memorize anything. I love Michel Thomas.

I take every opportunity and circumstance as a chance to learn. I’ve been learning a lot regarding work, my initiatives, adulthood, relationships, finances, and almost every other category you can imagine.

Financial (Giving)

I am challenging myself to give a grace gift every month, and I am sharing not to brag but to hold myself accountable. This month’s recipient is…Muning, who I bought roundtrip tickets to Davao for. I thank God for blessing me so that I may bless others!

I also have an ongoing private project which I have shared to only 2 or 3 people. The gist is that I’m saving up money for something for some people. Bwahaha! Surprise na lang. And, clue: not family-related.

Tithes and t’rumah are still a regular automatic deduction from any amount that passes through my hands and bank account. The good thing is that God is faithful to give it back to us tenfold! :)

Financial (Saving)

No other goal this month but to open the account I needed to open, which I have thankfully (and finally) accomplished today. Woohoo!


I wanted to be able to meet up with my Portal peeps this month. Last year, we were inseparable! Being in different teams and towers has been tough, though. We just recently had a simple dinner @ Sicilian, and it was nice catching up on life and work matters :) I will forever thank God for my Portal family.

I also am grateful to God for friends I got to know through my different initiatives: Onboarding, Inspire, Wiki U, and Comms. It has never been about being “well-known” for me. I love people, and I love the variety and excitement that they bring to my life. There never is a boring day for me ’cause I get to interact with people of different personalities and tastes.

And, I was able to meet up with Mika when she back here from Singapore! We had a simple lunch at Mom & Tina’s. It was nice to see everyone “grown up”. Aww :) And, I was able to chance upon some college friends from the lower batch when I recently visited Ateneo for the job fair. Rai and I just had impacho-inducing dinner yesterday, too.

I am grateful to God for bringing me back to my church friends :) I grew apart from them when I was in college but it’s nice to be able to joke around, have fun, and worship with them again. And of course, my best friend is back! Babeng and I are slowly returning to our pre-boy-quarrel days, which I am thankful for since I know that I have always needed a girl best friend.


Another goal was accomplished this month! I have ALWAYS wanted to have a website for our church, and TADAH. It. has. been. bought. and. filled. up. slightly. I still have a lot to do for the website before I turn it over to the Tech Team but I am glad to have been able to set this up from scratch and without bugging my adorably geeky friends.

And also, if you look at THIS blog’s calendar, you’ll see that I posted something EVERYDAY this month! Achievement! *confetti*


I praise God for this month! If I need to sum it all up using one Bible verse, it would definitely be Psalm 23:6 which says:

Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.


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