Tipid Times

I have 3 upcoming trips. Dundundun. I know, right? Thank God for a not too big yet very much needed salary increase. To inspire myself to STOP spending all my money on expensive Mckinley Hill food, milk tea, and shopping, I posted this note on my desk:

I’m also trying to read on some yuppie saving tips and they agree that the first step towards saving moolah is bringing lunch/dinner to the office.

Another tip I stumbled upon is to NOT use credit cards—which is a rule that I almost broke last month. Thanks to the hassle brought to me by the BPI website, I was able to contain myself.

My current challenge, though, is spending on transportation. I take the cab to and from work and that’s really impractical and expensive. I’ll try to think of a cheaper way to transport myself these days. Or maybe, if you’re from Marikina, want to let me hitch? :)


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