A Messenger

I got the opportunity to speak during the Sunday service today along with Muning! :)

It was a struggle to prepare what I was going to share. I know that the enemy tried to stop me by giving me an excessive workload the past week. And, to add to that, my pride was hindering me from getting help from my pastor-mom.

But, again, weapons will be formed against us yet NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST US WILL PROSPER.

I truly thank God for allowing me to stand before our brethren and speak NOT MY WORDS but HIS WORDS. During the Praise & Worship time earlier (before the first time we were to deliver the message), this line struck my heart:

And in the shadow of Thy wings, I’ll sing for joy.

I never thought about what that could mean in the past. Right then and there though, God revealed to me a message. He was impressing in my heart that what it meant for my situation was that what I should long for and what I should be happy about is to help everyone to see God and not myself.

I was literally imagining Jesus standing at the pulpit with arms stretched out like wings, and me behind Him. That, for me, meant taking refuge in Christ alone, and making Him the center of everyone’s focus as I speak. I was there to be a messenger—and with that fact, I should already rejoice!

And yes, God really is good and faithful. I can testify that when you let the Holy Spirit work through you and focus not on your own wisdom but the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you almost won’t be aware of what you’re saying as the Spirit will lead you to the right words to speak.

Praise be to God and to Him be all the glory!


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