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I can imagine meeting him on March 8.

I’ll be brought to the holding room for a meet and greet. I’ll come up to the other bands for politeness and will save the best (aka Chris Carrabba) for last :)

I’ll offer my hand for a handshake but he’ll give me a hug, noticing that I’m wearing a Shade of Poison Trees shirt–which is surprising ’cause most people hate the album for its full-band sound.

We’ll pose for the obligatory picture c/o the producers and instead of just standing awkwardly there, he’ll give me a big hug as if we’ve been friends for years.

I’ll tell him my whole Dashboard Confessional story and how I’ve been a fan for 6-7 years already. He’ll be touched and will ask me which song of his is my favorite. I’d tell him that it’s Shirts and Gloves but that I hope that he could play Anyone, Anyone later that night. He’s surprised again, or more amused that his probably most underrated song is among someone’s favorites. He’ll say: “I’ll see what I can do.”

I’ll tell him that I can tour him around the metro after the show if he wants to do something more adventurous than trashing the hotel room. He surprisingly is open to the offer and asks for my number. (BWAHAHA)

He’ll give me a quick wink and bid goodbye as I hand him a note with how he can contact me.

And later that night, he’ll stop in the middle of his set to say: “This one’s for someone I met earlier. This song may remind you of some wrong choices in the past but I hope starting now, this song will give you better memories to look back on. See you later.”

I’ll cry while he’s singing ’cause seriously, who wouldn’t cry after having a song dedicated to you like that?

After the concert, he’ll give me a call and ask if the offer is still available. We’ll meet up, grab coffee somewhere along with the rest of the band, park their car some place, sit on top of the car, and sing under the stars.

Haaaaay. Hopefully, dreams can come true.


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