We Found Love

God is good. This has been a wonderful day! :)

– Woke up in time c/o my alarm.
– Tito Demy was there to take me to the office. Yeeeey!
– Love Day Brunch @ Yellow Cab with Miggy I

– Accomplished quite a lot of work-related stuff.
– Had an encounter with my most favorite boss in the world. Such moments make me realize how blessed I am to be where I am now—I’m in the right tower and the right team at the right time. And until now, it amuses me how he greets me with a high-five every time. It reminds me of how my dad and I used to be like.
– Things involving some person turned out better than expected. Thank you, Lord.

– More work. Yey! /not sarcastic
– Love Day Dinner with AJ and Coach Mike @ Hap Chan! Kabusooooog.
– Realization that I have a LOT of work to do!

I’m loving this day.


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