Simple Gestures

I’ve never been one who’s into grand displays of affection/appreciation. I love simple gestures.

Other than the horrible moment of losing my company ID, I was excited for today. The Employee Engagement team sent out an invite asking us to stay in our seats from 1 pm to 2 pm for a Valentine’s surprise.

Well, we were having our team meeting @ 1 pm today and someone knocked on our door. It was the Simon with the EE folks (and a photograher)! They gave us cupcakes and thank you notes! :)

Work has been intense the past few months, and it really is comforting to see how thoughtful our tower folks are. If you don’t see what’s in the note, it says: “Here’s a small token of our appreciation for a job well done…and a little something to get you through next Monday.” And there’s a quote which says: “Chocolate is nature’s way of making up for Mondays.” So adorbs.

I always brag about being in my current tower. I guess it’s our headcount that makes it easier to give out a comfy, intimate feeling. It’s like being a part of a family.

I love being in ADSI. Sana may cupcakes every Friday. Hehe :)


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