The Voice

As per my post yesterday, you probably know how much I am digging The Voice right now. Gaaah I’m feeling so giddy ’cause earlier last week, I found my bet: Angel Taylor.

Below is a clip of her live performance. WARNING: Spoiler on which coach she’ll pick, and you may die of Adam’s heartmelting wink :p

And here’s the studio version. I can faint now. Really.


Anyway, life is still awesome! :) There are some internal trials I’m facing right now as my TRUST towards some person is being tested. I never thought I’d be put in a situation like this. Seeing “both sides” really complicates things. But God is my avenger. I leave it all up to Him.

Also, initiative life is getting crazy/excited. It makes me work extra hours but it keeps me sane. I thank God as well for the numerous opportunities on my plate. I believe that these are not because of my own efforts but because of His grace and mercy!


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