The Month That Was: A Review of February 2012

This Month’s Goals:


Thankfully, I am still able to have constant prayer and devotion and I’m still able to follow my Bible Reading Plan c/o OSL :) There are some extremes though as there are times when I’d be too busy and engaged with secular matters that reading my Bible just comes into my mind before I doze off to sleep, but there are also times when I’d be very hungry for the Word—to the point that I use my free time to read the Bible (which is quite surprising, actually). And, my days are usually filled with flash prayers. I like how talking to Him is like talking to a friend. I think I do more of saying what I want to say instead of saying what I think God wants me to say. That’s what He wants!

Ministry life has been wonderful, too. The Programs subgroup of the NCD team had its first major project: C-LOVE-STER! It was an event for our barangay clusters. Imagine it to be some sort of a CE Competition with everything love-related. We had a card-making contest for the kids, a speech choir competition for the teens, an original song composition contest for the youth, a duet contest for the couples, poem writing and oration for the women, love letter writing and rendition for the men, group games, and RAMP FOR LOVE (a ramp modelling contest)! It was so much fun!!! I feel really blessed to be with a wonderful bunch of people :)

The Care Circle program has been ongoing. And, I love my group! It feels nice to get the chance to disciple some youth in our church. I know that God wants to do things through me, and this is a wonderful opportunity to teach them and learn from them too :) My prayer really is for them to grow and level up spirituallythrough His grace alone.

I still have been meeting up with my Catch-Up group every Wednesday and Micah has recently joined us! :) I really like having Mayks around as I see myself in her—only, she’s in full-time ministry which is AWESOME. As for my regular meet up with Camcam, we’ve been having some schedule troubles but we still do meet up when we get the chance :)

Lastly, our Connect & Grow group has started meeting up! I thank God for helping us start this wonderful ministry in Mckinley Hill! At the moment, we have me, Angel, Cilla, Moochie and Kebs in our group. Kristine and JR will joining us in March :) It is comforting to have a spiritual group of work friends who understand career woes. I thank God for their lives and I hope that we can continue to grow and eventually be a big group or even a church!

The “biggest” thing that happened to me this month is my preaching stint with Muning! We were assigned for one Sunday to preach about the Matthew 5:6 beatitude. We had shortcomings as we started preparations just one week before the actual day. I personally had struggles, especially with my pride, and even up to the last moments, I wanted to beg off. Thank God for comforting me through His word in Acts 18:9-10:

Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent. For I am with you, and no one is going to attack and harm you..

It was an amazing experience! It was my prayer that the words coming out of my mouth not be from me but from God and I truly experienced that! Thank God for the opportunity to be His messenger and to see that there is always more room to improve and grow.

I still stumble and fall, but my God is gracious and loving! The second month of the year has been about learning how to handle stumbling blocks as I continue to mature. Old Meklot would give up when faced with trials but I have a great God and nothing is impossible with Him!

I’m still not stopping anytime soon. March will be a more fruitful and blessed month, by God’s grace.


I still spend more time with the family now, and being close to them has become pretty normal. I can now randomly ask them to do stuff with me—e.g. our random Blue Wave trip w/ Muning and Dem, and get this, I watched This Is War on the opening day itself with Dem. Interesting, no? ;) I like how we’re all close now and don’t let petty quarrels last unfixed by sunset.

We can talk about random matters now, too. And my mudra just said in front of our 2nd service congregation that I am now allowed to have a boyfriend O_O Not that I have anyone to boyfriend-ize. It’s just amusing how these things have become normal already. In fact, she constantly teases me about random guys na ‘pwede’. And, we text often. Quite uncanny but amazing

The extended family is still <3. I am beyond joyful that Lian is joining the Witness team. Coycoy and Kuya John are part of the Catch-up group and both attend Care Circles. Ira is now part of the NCD team. Gia and Kuya Andrew auditioned for the Worship Leading Team. Tito Doy, Tito Roy, Tita Millet and Tita Leona are active in leading their Clusters. Yeheeeeeeeeey!


Guess who has gone through 1 month without beef, pork, and softdrinks? ;) I did! Contrary to common belief, it was not for weight loss but was for health reasons. [1] [2] I have been lessening my sweets intake, too. Less milk tea and random 7-11 trips to buy ice cream this month. I have found the solution for that which is having an intake of a small portion of sugar after each meal. That helps in lessening my cravings throughout the day.

I still was not successful in making my physical activity regular—though I walk and use the stairs more often these days. My fwend, Kian, will be very proud with how often I use the 2WS stairs ;) I’ll try to use the Kinect regularly next month. I am still praying for someone to bless me with Your Shape: Fitness Evolved and Dance Central 1.

My sleeping pattern has been messed up this month, so I stay up until the wee hours again, but the good thing is that I wake up late. So technically, I still get enough sleep. For March though, I’ll try to cap my evening curfew at 1 AM ’cause my optical migraine is starting to be disturbing.


I have a LONG list of things I want to learn. This month though, I wanted to (1) read a book, (2) start learning French, and (3) start learning to drive.

I unfortunately wasn’t able to finish the book I wanted to finish in February, which is “When God Writes Your Love Story”. I still try to read a chapter of Purpose-Driven Life every week, though. Oh, the cons of having a hectic workload :(

I miss Michel Thomas. I was NOT able to listen to any CD in February, which sucks :( I miss attempting to speak in French! :( I’ll start on this again in March.

As for driving, nope, I haven’t started learning how to drive yet but…I already got my STUDENT’S LICENSE!!! Woooooooooooooooo! This could be the start of something new! ;)

I still take every opportunity and circumstance as a chance to learn. I’ve been learning a lot regarding work, my initiatives, adulthood, relationships, finances, and almost every other category you can imagine. I thank God for blessing me with wonderful people and wonderful opportunities that I always learn from.

Financial (Giving)

I am challenging myself to give a grace gift every month, and I am sharing not to brag but to hold myself accountable. This month’s recipient is…my family, whom I bought Planetshakers + Israel Houghton Upper A tickets for! I thank God for blessing me so that I may bless others! And, I am glad that we can finally watch a concert as a whole family! :)

I still have my ongoing private project which I have shared to only 2 or 3 people. The gist is that I’m saving up money for something for some people. Bwahaha! Surprise na lang. And, clue: not family-related. I’m still undecided about what I exactly want to give these people :) Maybe I should start canvassing…

Tithes and t’rumah are still a regular automatic deduction from any amount that passes through my hands and bank account. The good thing is that God is faithful to give it back to us tenfold! :)

Financial (Saving)

No goals related to this category this month ’cause I have a lot to spend this quarter T_T


One of my goals this month is to be able to travel to a local destination (that needs a plane for transportation). That got answered via our CDO-Iligan-Bukidnon-Camiguin trip during the end of February. I went on a trip with my blockmates and I can say that it’s one of the most memorable ones! I love my block friends! I enjoyed hiking, chilling in a fantastic beach, ziplining, zorbing, eating, falls swimming, and white water rafting with them! More stories on that in a separate blog post.


I wanted to be able to meet up with my blockmates this month. And yes, we were able to do that! We played laser tag, and it was a first for majority of us. We played boys vs girls vs kids. It was hilarious and tiring! :p After the laser tag session, we had dinner at Bon Chon to plan for our trip and walked around V-Mall to amuse the gamers in us. (I’m such a poser.) We also chilled at Krispy Kreme GH while waiting for the red light to light up, which didn’t happen. I went home by riding a cab in Katipunan with…Dugs! :) It felt so college! One random Saturday, the boys and I also watched a movie together @ Eastwood and then had lunch/dinner @ Cyma. Nakakamiss!

During Valentine’s day, I had Love Day dinner with Miggy I at Yellow Cab, and Love Day dinner with Coach Mike and AJ at Hap Chan. I learned the value of having guy friends :) Who says that you need a ‘special someone’ on February 14?

I was also able to meet up with some Portal peeps this month. We had a random dinner @ Ramen Bar, and another one @ Dencio’s c/o Hans and Ten! :) I will forever thank God for my Portal family.

I still am grateful to God for friends I got to know through my different initiatives: Onboarding, Inspire, Wiki U, and Comms. It has never been about being “well-known” for me. I love people, and I love the variety and excitement that they bring to my life. There never is a boring day for me ’cause I get to interact with people of different personalities and tastes.

I still am very grateful to God for bringing me back to my church friends :) I love how close we all are now. I can go back to joking around with them and I can say that I our relationships have gone deeper than merely being acquaintances. I love it! Nothing beats having a strong family of faith. What amuses me more is that I have become more open to having friends who are not like me. I used to be confined to my mga ka-vibes and even disliked being close to those not of our department. Thank you Lord for maturity.


There is progress for our church website! Thank God for the creativity!

And also, if you look at THIS blog’s calendar, you’ll see that I posted something EVERYDAY this month—except for the last 3 days ’cause I had to travel! Achievement! *confetti*


I praise God for this month! If I need to sum it all up using one Bible verse, it would definitely be Matthew 19:26 which says:

With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.

And if I can sum it up through one song excerpt, it will be:

Through You, I can do anything. I can do all things for it’s You who gives me strength. Nothing is impossible! Through You, blinds eyes are opened, strongholds are broken. I am living by faith. Nothing is impossible!


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