My Smash Project Story

This will be a blog post of random blurbs.

I rushed from the office to go home and change into my Dashboard shirt before heading to Araneta. Awesome moment: my camera was missing ’cause it was used by my mudra T_T I decide that it’s okay not to bring one. Treasure the moment, let others take videos and pictures, and just steal from them (legally).

I was panicking ’cause I was almost late for the M&G. Called the contact person and wow, it wasn’t gonna be during the original schedule. Good news for me since I wanted to go in first. Fortunately, Li was already in line. Met up with Li, JR, and Tin (hello new friends) to line up for the Patron Standing area.

We went in and went WHOA. Humongous open space in the middle. Pao and Jack arrive. Hello! We had to wait for 1 hour-ish, I think, ’cause of the soundcheck. Hassle ’cause I was already hungry, and again, we were standing up. I didn’t want to risk my good spot.

First front act appears: Woooo Typecast! They sang Boston Drama, which is nice ’cause that is one of the two songs of theirs that I know. Wish they sang Will You Ever Learn, too. Or, okay na pala na hindi. I might cry. Chos!

Second front act appears: Yeeeeah Urbandub! This is the second time (hindi pala first, Li) that I saw them live. Gaaaah, I love First of Summer foreveeeer. They were great and energetic…in the right amount. Made me remember, Rodz! I miss you, brotha!

Third front act appears: Whoa Koski! Mong and Calde were cutie-patootie but I am sad that the only Chicosci song that I genuinely like wasn’t played. Pretty cool that they played Paris though. So old school!

While waiting for the next band, I realized that my phone’s signal has died, which is BAD since I was going to be contacted for the M&G via that. I thought to myself: I am screwed. (Or so I thought.)

Fourth front act appears: Awesome OBS! Other than having a cute drummer, I love their upbeat sound! I actually liked them most among all the front acts. Singing a Katy Perry song gave them additional pogi points too. And the vocalist looked so fluffy and squishy!! (The last comment was actually shouted out loud by the girl beside me. Kudos.) [After-the-concert note: I am now in tweeting terms with the cute drummer :) Bwahaha.]

I get a go signal, finally, and get informed that it’s M&G time! I wait wait wait patiently. And boom, Chris Carrabba finally arrives. Guh, he’s glowing. I don’t know how that’s possible. As in, he looks so sunny. All I did when he appeared was to smile. I don’t want to claim to be the ‘biggest fan’ of Dashboard Confessional but I…probably am. #Elitist Seeing him in ACTUAL FLESH made me remember the moment in 2010 when I was sitting in front of my computer, listening to concert bootlegs, and nearly crying. Thank you Lord for the blessing!

We all had a short moment with Chris. I used mine to ask him to sign my Meet and Greet Pass and to tell him that I’ve been a fan since way way back. He says: “I noticed that!”, as he points to my shirt. I reaaally appreciated that because when I learned that he’s coming to Manila, I immediately decided that I’ll wear my Shades of Poison Trees shirt. Heehee! We posed for a photo and I asked him to hug and kiss me. “You kissed me like you meant it.” Haaay so adorbs, Chris. The picture that captured that moment needs to be uploaded now. I actually don’t have much to share ’cause I spent most of the time being in a daze, staring at him, and smiling. Until now, I can’t believe that I got to meet the only human being who has more effect on me than Jason Mraz. (Of course, God is still my #1—He knows that.)

I go back to the crazy Patron place. I still was able to catch some songs from the Cab. (I apparently missed Slapshock.). I honestly didn’t know the band before this concert. With their 4 songs that I heard, I can conclude that The Cab is like a happy version of The Script, which is good. They sounded a little boyband-y but the good-looking keyboardist makes up for it. Chos! But I found it awkward that their target market is composed 90% of teen girls. Shrieky screaming was abundant during their set. I like their song La La though :) It was cute and would probably appeal even more to college Meki.

Another long break for soundchecking. My legs are screaming for help.

COBRA STARSHIP time! In all due fairness, ang gwapo ni Saporta dude, and he has a nice voice. Also, their songs are so happy! I have a growing love for songs that involve synths. I think I have found a new addition for my “Get Psyched” mix. I liked Kiss My Sass and 1 Nite! So haaaapppeeeeh! This ‘band’ really is a bunch of performers. And oh, alam ko pala yung Good Girls (Syempre, Leighton) and You Make Me Feel. [After-the-concert note: This is my current LSS. La la la la la. I don’t know why I have a liking for “Lala” songs.] Such dancy dancy dancy tunes. I liked their set, but again, medyo awkward lang na nabutas yung pants ni Gabe O_O Pao and I literally went O_O. And it’s funny how they have a dance step for Guilty Pleasure, which the teen girls knew by heart. Whoa.

Final Cobra Starship note: Thank you Gabe for rushing to the audience. Naurong kami lahat paharap.

Stolen from Youtube:

Anothe break that was faster since guitar lang naman gagamitin ni Chris. Naiihi na ata ako at that time and my tumtum was aching with excitement. Meki to Li: “Dude, first time ko ‘to! First time ko maririnig live!” Li to Meki: “Memorable!” And it freaking was.

Before it started, dude beside me hit me with his mohawk. I said it was okay since he likes Dashboard naman. He offers that I take his place. So nice of him and I’m making this kwento ’cause I like guys that just don’t quite fit in (hahaha). But, no thanks, there’s a big dude in front of him blocking the view.

Here’s the Dashboard Confessional Manila set list in no particular order ’cause I can’t remember anymore: Don’t Wait, As Lovers Go, The Good Fight, Get Me Right, Screaming Infidelities, Again I Go Unnoticed, Best Deceptions, Saints and Sailors, Belle of the Boulevard, Vindicated, Stolen, Hands Down. 12 songs! In fairness! :)

So, Chris and I had a moment that didn’t end up nicely but still was a moment!! :p Meki: “So Impossible!!” Chris: “Let’s sing this first.” then plays Vindicated. Anyway, the best thing about this ..WALANG BANDA. Chris Carrabba alone. Which is awesome. Legit fans from 2005 and way back should know that. Also, I’m not sure if I should be happy or ashamed that I know ALL the lyrics to almost ALL the songs. The pretty teenage girl beside me asked for my name. Add daw nya ko sa Facebook. Ako na ang nakakakuha ng girls sa Dashboard concert.


1) Don’t Wait. I genuinely liked Don’t Wait for the first time. Alam niyo naman, as a real fan of Dashboard, I don’t just randomly like all of their songs and albums. Dusk and Summer is my least fave so, it’s nice to fall in like with this song :)

2) As Lovers Go. – The version was slowed down but gaaah! So ganda! My heartstrings were tugged. Sarap sa puso to hear ‘yung “you’ve got wits…” part. Kiligs.

3) The Good Fight. This song is even BETTER live and acoustic. Guuuh.

4) Get Me Right. A good addition to the setlist. Medyo onti lang the people who know this song, which was nice ’cause everyone was quiet (even myself). The song’s meaning is hauntingly beautiful.

5) SCREAMING INFIDELITIES. THIS SONG HAS PAMATAY LINES FOREVER. Sarap marinig si Carrabbaby kantahin yung “I hope you’re as happy as you’re pretending” (favorite line ever) and the “Your haiiiir…” part! And I am proud of myself for knowing all the words to this song.

6) Again i Go Unnoticed! I wonder why only a few people knew the lyrics for the verses. I thought this was a famous song. (Hipster comment! Hahaha!)

7) Best Deceptions. Kapag nagpost na ang mga tao ng videos of this song, wahahaha! I’m sorry. Boses ko lang maririnig nyo sa ending. Carrabbaby just played the guitar and didn’t sing for the “I’m waiting for blood…” part and sheeesh posers who don’t know the song. Hahaha joke! My katabis were proud of me for singing loudly alone. Para hindi naman nakakahiya kay Chris.

Stolen from Youtube:

8) Saints and Sailors. Wooo! Thanks to the person who requested na kantahin this song! Mabuhay ka! This is one of the songs I love singing along to ’cause it’s so wordy and angsty.

9) Belle of the Boulevard. If I need to describe it via an emoticon, it was :”>! Kilig and heartwarming. I would have loved it if he played the piano but the guitar version was a very acceptable replacement ;)

10) Vindicated. No other comment during the concert other than: (1) Oh no! Patapos na! and (2) Sana naman hindi lang ito ‘yung alam nilang kanta. #HipsterComment :))

11) Stolen. I have a not-so-hidden inis with how mainstream Stolen has become. Seryoso. But, grabe laaaang. Nakakaiyak yung rendition niya. Favorite part: “I watch you spin around in the highest heels. You are the best one of the best ones.” And of course, the “Sleep well…” part was so hihi :”> I think it helps to know the background of the song. I can imagine tuloy who he was singing the song to.

Stolen from Youtube:

12) Hands Down. Always a good way to end the set ’cause THIS IS THE BEST DAY I CAN EVER REMEMBER.

Sadly, itataga ko sa bato na simula nung March 8, 10:30 pm, dumami na kaagaw ko for Carrabbaby :( I still remember those days when I’d say that he’s my ultimate crush and people would go: “Sino ‘yun?” Hay.

Anyway, super tired after :| :| So I decided to look for Angel and Adrian nalang. I bought chibog w/ them, though they decided to go out for dinner. While walking back to the dome, nakasalubong ko si Tin! Perfect! Accompanied her to get something to drink, though we found no water supply :(

We stayed at the back during set of The Used kasi medyo intense at hindi na keri ng binti ko. It was nicely hilarious to watch everyone jump and scream! Medyo crazy the moshpits, in fairness.

Well, I only stayed for two things: (1) Blue and Yellow, and (2) My prediction that Chris Carrabba will join The Used for their final song.

(1) Blue and Yellow – Mabuhay ka, Pao, for requesting the song!!

(2) Finale – So, I was right ;) I ran to the front of the stage for this, regardless of whatever leg pain. A Box Full of Sharp Objects feat. Chris Carrabba!!! Crazy crazy wonderful encore!!!! It reminded me of Chris during his Further Seems Forever days. Galeeeeng!

[Video, not sure if public, here. Thanks to Pao!]

After the utmost joy and experience, we went home. Pauwi, mas comedy pa. Buti nalang kasama ko sila Li and Tin. Nagcramps ako sa sidewalk. As in rock hard binti muscle. O_O Salamat sa tulong, Li, Pao and Tin! And wow, masakit pa rin legs ko. I want to dislike it but feeling the pain makes me remember that awesome night so, pwede na rin ;)


All photos taken by Li and Tin :) Edited by moi.


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  1. JC Mercado says:

    hi!!! i was also there but only made it to gen ad! twas effin awesome noh?! haven’t blogged about it yet. gosh, i envy you, you’re so close!!!!!


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