The Life-Changing Trip: Singapore Day 1

Just to give a background on this trip, it was a random spur-of-the-moment decision to come with my Tito, Tita and cousin to Singapore. I was initially worried that I wouldn’t have fun during my 4-day vacation but, as mentioned in this blog post’s title, the trip definitely delivered and changed my life.

We took a 6 am flight to SG on March 16, which meant having to leave home @ 3 am. And, this meant NOT having any sleep ’cause I was coming from a Batangas daytrip with Peter, Rap, Terence, Angle, Cholo and the gang for the AS L&D Planning Session. And I just have to put the picture below even though it’s not Singapore-related ’cause I love ADSI boys:

Going back to the story, flight was a little but I actually did not mind and I just wanted to sleep! Haha!

When we got to Singapore, we rode a coach to our hotel. Got to see how excellently urban-planned Singapore is. Dream: see Manila be like that someday.

Check-in was not until 3 pm so we decided to grab lunch first and head to Orchard Road. I was the trip’s tour guide so…it was fun! I love being a feelingera travel expert :))

My first meal in SG: fish + egg + rice! Hahahaha! Just as if I’m in the Philippines! What made it special was the…milk tea!! I love milk tea abroad! I can actually taste the tea!

MRT was a 10-minute walk away so I’d like to think I was able to burn what I ate. Haha! Next stop: Orchard Road! And what welcomes me? ION Orchard!!! Such a lovely building that is!

There was this street ice cream cart thing outside ION Orchard and the ice cream sandwich only costs 1 SGD so we had to try! :) No regrets! It was so delicious! Wish I can setup a franchise in the Philippines T_T

Had a very quick walk further down the road since the elders were a little tired already. Spotted Peter’s favorite bookstore at Takashimaya.

Did some literal shooting from the hip, which turned out pretty nicely.

Dropped by Lucky Plaza to see what they meant with it being a “Pinoy mall” and it truly was like being in Vira Mall. Hahaha! Best thing that happened: I found a Koi Cafe stall and got to try it! Milk tea goodness! :)

And yes, it was that quick. We rode the MRT back to the hotel and had 3 hours of rest time as decided to meet up again at 6 pm. This was great ’cause I got to watch some TV (I like that Come Home to Channel 5 thing) and got to rest. I think I fell asleep for about 15 minutes, too. Better than nothing, no?

Next destination was @ Marina Bay. And being Singapore noobs, we went down at the Marina Bay stop. Kainis, I thought it was self-explanatory :)) So, we had to ride a bus pa to the more touristy area.

I was quite stoked ’cause I was scheduled to meet up with some friends from college! First person I saw was Jeremy, who helped the relatives find a place where they can eat. We had to leave them at the Food Republic @ The Shoppes. Mika arrived, and we headed to Din Tai Fung to meet up with Rodz and get dinner!

It was nice to catch up with everyone! We talked about Apple stuff, The “Great Wall”, birth order, and random topics I never thought we’d talk about :p And, OO NA RODZ. MASARAP NA SA DIN TAI FUNG :p

Mika bought me some tea macarons, and we headed to the Apple store to try out the latest iPad! GAAAH SOBRANG GANDA. o_o I am being turned into an Apple girl! Nooooooo.

Anyway, the folks brought me to a scenic places behind The Shoppes and we had some kwentos about working in SG, life in SG, and basically convincing me to work in SG. The place was fantastic, and the view was breathless. I love evening skylines, lights, water, and stars. I seriously wanted to lay there and play Chasing Cars as my background music.

We didn’t know what time it was but we decided to walk to the end of the Helix Bridge and find a more picturesque view for the tourist. And so it was. And this is where we had the “iPhone” conversation :))

They decided to go and bring me farther to the Merlion. While walking to the spot, we had a view of the Singapore Public Library and Jeremy told me that it was somewhat related to what I want in a relationship.

That’s when the discussion @ Din Tai Fung sank in. I’d like my future husband to be medyo gwapo but very smart. And, he hopefully is a good mix of being a book-reader and a newspaper-reader. And I was telling Rodz that I don’t like someone who’s exactly like me. Well, we should have similar interests kahit onti, and we should think the same way (a.k.a. ka-wavelength) but generally, I’d prefer being with a thinker who can talk about business-y intellectual corporate stuff with me than being with a feeler who’s as emotional as me. And, someone na KAYA AKO. HAHAHA. Someone who can tell me the truth out of love even if it hurts. I think I intimidate people too much to the point that they are scared of me.

And the dream date of Meki in her 20’s is having a long stroll and hanging out in a bookstore, talking over a cup of coffee. Only thing I can say is: Wow, I am growing old and improving in taste. HAHAHA.


We took some photos @ the Merlion, actually more of Rodrick taking pics of me using my evening-horrible camera. And we discussed about our plans for the next day. I was off to USS (as they mockingly call it) the next day and asked them if they wanted to go. After much discussion, Rodz and Mika, being the very wonderful friends that they are, decided to come with me and my relatives :)

We separated ways by taking 2 cabs: 1 for me and Jeremy, and 1 for Rodz and Mika. I got to the hotel @ about 1:30 am confused and bothered in a sorta nice way.


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