The Life-Changing Trip: Singapore Day 2

So far, I can say that day two is the most awesome day of any trip. Haha!

It was a bright and sunny day—the perfect time to visit Universal Studios! :) It was also somewhat awesome that we’d be having minimal expense for the trip since the shuttle to USS and the entrance fee were included in our package.

We rode the Asiatravel shuttle to Resorts World and then…TADAH! There it was! Nakaka-starstruck!

First mascot I met: WOODY THE WOODPECKER, who I think is my soulmate. Labo?

The relatives decided to try out the Transformers ride but I decided to opt out for now since I was waiting for Rodz and Mika. True to my independent woman peg, I walked around USS alone to take photos of things that interest me such as these:

Just when I was about to try Shrek 4D, Rodz texted that they were already there! I met up with them and we headed to the Transformers ride! It was just okay when we first tried it—maybe because we were at the second row of our cart and because we were insisting that the ride would be WAY better if they used good iMax screens. Nonetheless, the effects were awesome. I don’t know how on earth they can simulate falling off a building and being hit by a “bullet”, among others. Brilliant. I love technology :)

Mika went to the restroom so I had some photo op with some Autobots. HAHAHA :p

(Joke lang, Rodz!)

I’m not sure if I remember correctly but I think we headed to Battlestar Galactica!!! WAHHH SERYOSO BEST RIDE EVER! We tried the Human track (the red one) first, which was so freaky ’cause there were lots of drops. Ang sakit sa tyan!! Hahaha! We then tried the Cylon track (the blue one), which was the one where your feet would be hanging. And wow lang. That is seriously the best rollercoaster I’ve tried so far! And, that’s not how our BSG story ends. More later ;)

Random note: I like how they have free automated lockers. Brilliant. I wish everyone could think of that.

We tried out the Mummy ride after. And ohdaymson. That is creepy T_T It was not comforting to hear voices saying that they own my soul forever. It somewhat made me ponder if it was like that in hell, and I realized just even more that I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO HELL. Ktnx. Anyway, the ride was nice! It was like Space Mountain made more goosebump-y and with more effects like flames, water, and sana insects someday!

Oh, I almost forgot. People CLAP after each round sa ride. WHY? I don’t know. But it sure is fun :))

Again, I’m not sure if I remember it correctly, but I think after the ride, we felt the hunger kicking in. We tried to look for places where Mika can eat due to her digestive limitations and ended up getting pizza. I got a solo serving and shared w/ Rodz on a serving of Chicken Caesar Salad. The food was delicious and the dessert was heavenly! :) And, alas I remember. This was when I started to TRULY lose my voice. As in halos wala na talaga.

After lunch, we had another round at the Mummy ride and it seemed to be 10 notches better. Lesson I learned in USS: Everything is better the second time around!! Proof? We rode BSG again and it was even MORE awesome!

Afterwards, we met up with my relatives and we tried out a less adventurous attraction: Lights, Camera, Action. First comment: the screens in the waiting room are soooo high-def. Second comment: I can’t believe those wonderful things can happen INSIDE a studio! :o Rodz was my bait for the water and fire-related stuff but we weren’t THAT affected :)

Afterwards, we rode BSG AGAIN, this time with Tita Ruth, Tito Mayong, and Kuya John! We rode the Human track first, as what we initially did, and wooooooo it was even BETTER than the first time! Unfortunately, there was some mishap sa Cylon track and we didn’t want to risk our lives so we decided to go back for it later. We watched the quick Hollywood Dreams parade first and saw some interesting things. ‘Di ko kasi alam what to expect sa non-Disneyland theme park parade. Haha!

After the parade, we did 2 rounds of the Cylon track. Oh goodness. It’s CRAZY!!! Made me feel woozy to the point that I could not wear my sandals properly. It was as if the contents of my brain were vacuumed out! Hahaha! But, it was still fun! Best ride ever! :)

We decided to try out the Rapids afterwards. It was Rodrick’s least favorite ride, and that just made it more awesome. HAHAHA! :p We weren’t really ready to get wet but we figured that it was more exciting to get wet than to wear a raincoat. Parang wala kasing point. Well, what can I say? We got REALLY WET unexpectedly. Rodz and Tita Ruth were the ultimate casualties, as in super basa!

Outside, there was this drying pod. Rodz made libre 5SGD for everyone to get dried simultaneously :)) It was hilarious!

Mika, Rodz, and I rode the Transformers ride again after that and boy, was it awesome the 2nd time around and being seated in the front! So freaking awesome!! I think I will forever be afraid of Megatron’s face, and will forever find solace in Optimus Prime. Hahaha, affected much?

We met up with the relatives afterwards to watch Monster Rock, which was an inappropriate show featuring non-rock songs. Note to people: do NOT bring your children when you watch this show. Hahahaha! But, it was a good time to rest our butts and feet :)

We did some more strolling around, taking pictures everywhere as Mika, Rodz and I tried to find food for Mika. We eventually resorted to  popcorn! Haha! :)

We did some more walking around and caught some street performances while waiting for the fireworks. We watched the girls @ the diner and then headed to New York to wait for the Rockafellas. Side note: The New York part of the theme park is my favorite :) It was nice to just chill at the New York public library steps. I felt so Blair Waldorf! Chos!

The Rockafellas then arrived! Woohoo! They were AWESOME, and I think they are all Pinoys. What I liked was that they didn’t just dance. They were HILARIOUS! Very Asian/Pinoy humor! And they got people from the audience! Sobrang patawa nung nakuhang Pinoy! Hahahaha! After the Rockafellas, we just watched the Hang Ten boys again, since wala pang fireworks.

Anyway, eventually, it was fireworks time na rin! We went near the lake, and wow, hay. I love fireworks forever. Looking up to the evening sky makes me ponder about life, and YES. There were LOTS of things that went through my mind during those 10 minutes. Hehe <3

It was time to go home after that, but Rodz asked us to make a quick stop @ Garrett’s ’cause he was persistent that they have the best popcorn ever. We had a bet that our friendship will be OVER if I don’t enjoy it, so Rodz bought a large bag for us & I bought a medium bag to take home—yeah, I guess I trusted Rodz that it would be delicious. AND IT WAS! Super sarap! The relatives loved it, too! Note to self: Ask ALL friends who are going to Singapore to get me a jumbo bag!

We rode the Sentosa Express to Vivo City—and okay, this is again the part where I have random thoughts in my head ’cause I think I have a penchant for pondering while in transit. We headed to Food Republic @ Vivo, and Rodz gave me a lecture about SG food which made it more difficult to choose what I’d get T_T I just left it up to Rodz to pick what we should eat and chicken rice it was! Rodz got us each a cup of “tai ping”–I don’t know how it’s spelled but it’s just iced milk tea :))

Dinner was nice! We talked about life in Singapore, dentistry, and life in general—and the dinner conversation just made me want to stay in SG more :( Anyway, we headed to the MRT after our wonderful meal. Rodz and Mika accompanied us until the interchange, and we headed back to the hotel :)

I think I fell asleep with a huge smile on my face.


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