The Life-Changing Trip: Singapore Days 3 & 4

Day 3 started off RIGHT :) We headed to the Esplanade stop to meet up with Ate Helen and Ate Grace. Why? Because we were to attend church @ City Harvest! Well, I haven’t heard of the church that much in the past. The only thing I know is that it’s a mega church and I was excited ’cause it was my first time to attend service in one!

When we got there, I put my NCD goggles on and was amazed with how God is working in their church! The flow of the service is seamless! From entering the venue up to the program itself, everything was attendee-friendly! And what’s even better is that the church is really anointed! I really felt God’s presence during the praise & worship! And the message was very appropriate for me at that time. I was challenged to dream big for JCLAM, even just as a church member. More kwento on this in a future blog post but the main point is I came out of Suntec with a changed heart and a broader perspective on things :) Praise God!

After the service, Ate Helen brought us to Just Acia where they serve FREE-FLOWING ICE CREAM AND DRINKS T_T Guuuuuh, hello additional pounds! It was a fun time to catch up though I couldn’t speak that much c/o my terrible throat condition. We went back to the mall afterwards to meet up with Ate Cynthia, who was glowing by the way ;)

Next activity was to ride the cable car to Sentosa! :) Get this: IT WAS RAINING T_T Hahahaha! Excitement level times 1000! Tita Leona was so funny during the ride! She was so scared and Tito Doy kept on moving pa lalo sa seat niya! It was a quick ride, and I prefer pa rin the view @ Ocean Park HK :)

When we got to Sentosa, we walked around, took pics with the Merlion there and headed to the Beach Station where we watched the people who have so much money that they can try out iFly. Someday when I’m already earning SGD, I’ll try that! Hahaha!

I had to leave already and couldn’t join them for their beach walk as I was to meet Rodz & the gang @ Orchard prior to my AJSS reunion @ Raffles. I commuted alone from Sentosa to Orchard Road! Heheeeee! So proud of myself! Other than the awkward moment of having people in the MRT take pictures of me (SRSLY), it was a nice ride where I got to ponder about…a lot of things.

When I got to ION Orchard, I walked around and window-shopped since Rodz & Mika were stuck somewhere due to the rain. Eventually, I got a text from Rodz that they were already @ ION and I asked them to meet me @ Mango where I was fake-shopping. We met up and headed to Uniqlo to meet up with Brian del Rosario—who I finally met after all the kwentos with mentions of him!

We talked about where to go next and we decided to go to Ben & Jerry’s (my request!) then to H&M for some quick shopping. Unfortunately, the B&J store was under some sort of renovation so we just headed to H&M as we bid Brian farewell. Rodz left the girls to shop as he headed somewhere else. Mika and I had some good talk about our personal lives and I just got 2 nice items to take home. Note to self: Ang mahal ng H&M sa Singapore. They brought me to the MRT station and we had our hugs and goodbyes as I headed elsewhere to meet my AJ peeps.

I met up with Cel, Kimoy, EC and Dan at the City Hall stop and we headed to Skinny Pizza! My oh my, that place serves GOOD STUFF! I especially loved the squid ink pizza, the wild truffled mushroom pizza, and my lychee mocktail! We had random conversations about the past and the future :) Sosyal! Sa Singapore na ang AJSS reunion :p

Kimoy and Cel wanted to bring us to this good ice cream place but it was closed so we just went to this hole in the wall place for Tau Huay and fried dough sticks! It’s like taho + bicho…only BETTER! ;)

I rode a cab afterwards (sayang wala si Oli) to meet up with the relatives & Ate Helen & Ate Cynthia at the Merlion. This time, the colorful lights were on, and there were even more lights coming from MBS. I used the time to ask everyone to finish the remnants of last night’s popcorn, and to try Famous Amos cookies from Rodz, since he bought it for my relatives to try and not for me huhu jk! I got to try it too and the nuts were heavenly nomnomnom <3

We walked to Fullerton for a shortcut to the MRT station afterwards. I felt the this-place-is-full-of-F1-boys-during-the-F1-season vibe inside! :)) I found some good hangout places that I promise to go back to when I fly to SG again :)

We went back to the hotel, riding a cab from the MRT to the hotel proper because we were THAT tired. Hahaha! But as always, there was a smile on my face. Only this time, it didn’t last that long ’cause I realized we were about to go home the next day.

Day 4 has one major kwento: I was woken up by a call from someone in the hotel reception. Long story short, they wanted us to take the EARLIER shuttle to the airport, which would be pointless. Thanks to Tito Doy, it was eventually fixed. Ang hirap pala makipag-diskusyon nang walang boses. 

Anyway, of course I couldn’t go back to sleep anymore so I just took a bath, fixed my things, and we headed for our last breakfast in Singapore, which I didn’t finish. I think they serve HUGE servings of food in SG. It’s crazy.

When we got to the airport, I tried some Kaya toast (finally!) and we waited for the check-in, and alas, five hours later, we were back in Manila. We found love in a hopeful place.


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