The Month That Was: A Review of March 2012

This Month’s Goals:


Thankfully, I am still able to have constant prayer and devotion and I’m still able to follow my Bible Reading Plan c/o OSL :) I crave more for God’s Word recently since I have found that no matter how wise the advice of other people may be, God’s Word still holds more true. And, my days are still filled with flash prayers. As I have mentioned last month, talking to God is like talking to a friend :)

Ministry life has not been that busy yet since we have to focus on our Foursquare Foundation projects but I spent most of March planning for the improvements we’ll make for the Worship Service—that is when I get the spare time ’cause I was mostly away from the world this month. Story on that later.

The more interesting thing that happened this month I guess was my participation in our church Singles group, which is newly-formed. We had a talk on Maximized Singleness (am I old or what?) and got to see this band composed of Pastor’s Kids called Juan Sound :) This fellowship made me appreciate how wonderful life can still be for our ates who don’t have special people in their lives yet/anymore. Just look at Ate Sherrie, Ate Ems, and Ate Juhaina! And even Bb. Pilipinas – Universe, Ate Jen! ;)

The Care Circle program is still ongoing. And, I am loving my group EVEN MORE! Our meet-ups this March have been fantastic! The first one ran for 3 hours as we shared lots of kwentos at the church rooftop over pancit canton, pastel, and RC ;) The second one was quick but meaningful right before the youth fellowship and after the church eat-all-you-can, and the third one was at Shakey’s Marquinton! It was one of the most fulfilling moments of my life! It makes me really happy to see my small group grow closer and be more open to discussions about the Lord and His Word!

The Catch-Up crew hasn’t been able to meet-up regularly this month due to our very busy schedule. There were actually 2 meet-ups this month but I was in CDO during the first one. The second one was @ Cafe Lidia! :) Thank God I was able to join them as these people really give sound and godly advice. As for my regular meet up with Camcam, we’ve been having some schedule troubles but we still do meet up when we get the chance :) I miss her but what’s good is that we’re still in constant communication!

Our Connect & Grow group has been having some schedule problems but I still meet up with whoever’s available ;) I’m glad to have built a closer relationship with Cilla. She always gives me a different perspective on things, and I like that :) I’m also glad to be friends with Angel now! I love her! She’s adorable! :) Goal for this month is to recruit two new people in the group and Aizel and Kristine (Moochie’s friend) will be joining us now. Yehey!

As I am human, I am still imperfect but I have a PERFECT God! The third month of the year has been about incorporating my “spiritual life” with all the other aspects of my life instead of keeping it separate. I’m still a work in progress but I’m glad with all the changes that have been happening :)

I’m still not stopping anytime soon. April will be a more fruitful and blessed month, by God’s grace.


I still spend more time with the family now, and being close to them has become pretty normal. Even the kids themselves  have admitted that we’re all close now bwehehehe :p I love making them all lambing and kulit! It was also Mami’s birthday this month so we got to sing a Phineas and Ferb song during the service. Hahaha! Suprisingly not Empot’s idea.

We had some major roadblock near the end of the month but our God is greater than the enemy. It actually ended nicely, and it helped that we all listened to each other. I know that I always say that I don’t like drama when it comes to family matters but I like how we talk about our problems. My prayer is that soon, we wouldn’t need to “meet up” officially to discuss any issues. Instead, we should be able to discuss it on a day-to-day basis.

The extended family is awesome. I like how Coycoy is psyched about our Care Circle :) He’s really a big help! And, I am still beyond joyful that Lian is joining the Witness team. She has random moments of talking to me about serious matters and I missed that! Kuya John is continually growing in the Lord. Ira is active in the NCD team. Tito Doy, Tito Roy, Tita Millet and Tita Leona are still active in leading their Clusters. Yeheeeeeeeeey!


Guess who has ALMOST gone through 1 month without beef, pork, and softdrinks? ;) I did that! Contrary to common belief, it is still not for weight loss but for health reasons. [1] [2] I had some exceptions though and ate a hotdog sandwich once, a slice of pepperoni pizza once, beef viands twice/thrice, and softdrinks twice. Exceptions were due to “no choice” moments. Hahaha! I have been lessening my sweets intake, too. I think I only had 1 or 2 cups of milk tea and I never had a random 7-11 trip to buy ice cream this month. I am hooked with froyo again, though, but that shouldn’t be counted ’cause it’s healthy and I only use cornflakes, walnuts, and fruits as toppings. I also got addicted to chocolate during THAT time of the month but that should be forgivable :p

I still was not successful in making my physical activity regular—though I still walk and use the stairs more often these days. My fwend, Kian, will still be very proud with how often I use the 2WS stairs ;) I’ll try to use the Kinect regularly next month. Three times a week hopefully, even just to make the most of my money spent for the console :p Also, I am still praying for someone to bless me with Your Shape: Fitness Evolved and Dance Central 1.

My sleeping pattern has been REALLY messed up this month, so I stay up until the wee hours again, but the good thing is that I still wake up late. So technically, I still get enough sleep. Bwahahaha! For April though, I’ll try to cap my evening curfew at 1 AM :)


I have a LONG list of things I want to learn. This month though, I just wanted to read (and finish) a book. One thing to learn this month is because I know how busy my schedule would be. Anyway, I was finally able to finish “When God Writes Your Love Story”. It is a life-changing book! Woohoo! And, I still try to read a chapter of Purpose-Driven Life every week. Yey to a new read next month!

I still take every opportunity and circumstance as a chance to learn. I’ve been learning a lot regarding work, my initiatives, adulthood, relationships, finances, and almost every other category you can imagine. I thank God for blessing me with wonderful people and wonderful opportunities that I always learn from.

Financial (Giving)

I am challenging myself to give a grace gift every month, and I am sharing not to brag but to hold myself accountable. This month’s recipient is…my Care Circle, whom I bought envelopes + notebooks for! I hope they can use it for journal-writing and keeping their handouts :) I have also become more generous about spending for them, especially if it’s for food! ;)

I still have my ongoing private project which I have shared to only 2 or 3 people + the NCD core team. The gist is that I’m saving up money for something for some people. Bwahaha! Surprise na lang. And, clue: not family-related. I think I already know what I want to give, ’cause I just saw today that the other thing I was thinking of just got installed at the _____________.

Tithes and t’rumah are still a regular automatic deduction from any amount that passes through my hands and bank account. The good thing is that God is faithful to give it back to us tenfold! :)

Financial (Saving)

No goals related to this category this month ’cause I have a lot to spend this quarter T_T


One of my goals this month is to be able to travel to an international destination! I got to go to Singapore! :) Story in more detail here: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3/4 :)


I wanted to be able to meet up with my Portal peeps this month and we had the best avenue: Baby Sam’s Christening! I missed everyone! It was really nice to get to catch-up :) What was even more memorable was our trip to the boo-est mall in the Metro, Trinoma, where we realized that we are already old people. Hahahaha! We’re planning to go to Korea soon! Hope it pushes through :)

I also wanted to be able to meet up with my block boys. Thus, we had a Boys’ Night Out featuring Meki @ Eastwood. We chilled over cups of Happy Lemon drinks, Portuguese food, coffee & tea. I love being with them (and I think I blogged about that already) <3

I still am grateful to God for friends I got to know through my different initiatives: Onboarding, Inspire, L&D, and Comms. It has never been about being “well-known” for me. I love people, and I love the variety and excitement that they bring to my life. There never is a boring day for me ’cause I get to interact with people of different personalities and tastes.

I got to meet the AS L&D folks (pic from Bebs):

And, I am still forever amused to be with my beloved PM Practice who bonds over this:

I still am very grateful to God for bringing me back to my church friends :) I love how close we all are now. I can go back to joking around with them and I can say that I our relationships have gone deeper than merely being acquaintances. I love it! Nothing beats having a strong family of faith. What amuses me more is that I have become more open to having friends who are not like me. I used to be confined to my mga ka-vibes and even disliked being close to those not of our department. Thank you Lord for maturity.


I wanted to watch a concert this month and…I attended the SMASH PROJECT and of course you know about that ;) Got to meet my Carrabbaby! More kwento on it here.


If you look at THIS blog’s calendar, you’ll see that I’ve been a horrible blogger. I will just look at my “missed posts” as a sign of maturing ’cause I can control what I want to say now. But of course, imbento ko lang ‘yun.


I praise God for this month! If I need to sum it all up using one Bible verse, it would definitely be John 15:7 which says:

If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.

And if I can sum it up through one song excerpt, it will be:

Jesus, be the center of my life. Jesus, be the center of my life. From beginning to the end, it will always be. It’s always been You, Jesus. Nothing else matters, nothing in this world will do.


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