Random Realizations on a Saturday

I noted down a few things that went through my mind on my phone. Here they are:

1) While riding the cab home from the office on a Saturday, a truck full of pigs happened to be beside the vehicle I was in. I oddly felt sympathy for the pigs, not because I’m a pig, but because I knew where they were heading. I felt sad for them. I wonder how it feels to know that you’re heading towards your deathbed.

2) I will forever be amused with how Market Market, Serendra and Bonifacio High Street are set-up. It’s like seeing a concrete illustration of social classes in Metro Manila.

Walk from Market Market to Serendra and you’ll see a change from a Class C/D environment to a Class B/C one. Walk from Serendra to High Street and it’s Class B/C to Class A/B. It’s somewhat amusing how obvious they have made this “segregation”. But, what’s amusing is that the existence of pedestrian crossings makes it “easy” to cross from one place to another. Is it just me being an overthinker or is that an implication that social classes are easy to “cross” now?

3) I passed by some Marikina government vehicles and I just don’t get why officials have to plaster their names and faces on them. The thing is, people in power change after each term. A change in “management” means a change in the faces and names plastered on these cars and vans. Why not just use the city seal and the city name then? Won’t that save us money? (And honestly, I don’t remember seeing such in other countries here in Asia and Europe.)

After some research, I have found out that a car paint job costs about Php14,000. That is 2 months worth of my tax. I would honestly just spend that money on my own car (which is still non-existent ’cause the money I’d spend for a new Honda Jazz goes to my tax). Philippine government, please do something about it.

4) Along C-5, I saw a huge billboard of Mario Maurer for Penshoppe. I am very much excited for the day to come when I can see a huge billboard of Zac Efron in the streets of Metro Manila. That will make land travel much more fun and worthwhile. Prepare for the heavy traffic.

5) I got to “use” the new Market Market to Kalayaan flyover. It’s comforting to know that there’s an efficient way to skip through the problems of north-bound vehicles coming from Taguig. I need to use you more often.

6) I heard Someone Like You on the way to the office, and on the way home. Why so emo, world?


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