The Kid Goes to Lille

I decided to make a new “blog challenge” which I call 30 Days of Europe. I hope to feature the most interesting continent I’ve ever been to so far, highlighting something special from the perspective of a then 17-year-old.

Interesting architecture everywhere. I remember being awestruck with how pretty this building is. What I didn’t know was that I was going to see even MORE of this kind throughout the rest of the 4 months. The perks and perils of not researching about the place you are travelling to.

A little awkward to see flags of a different country instead of our rouge, bleu, blanc, et jaune. Well, come to think of it, the EU and France flags have those colors (when ‘combined’).

I oddly never got to go inside the Palais des Beaux Arts de Lille, which is the largest French museum outside Paris. Am not a museum person, but admit it. This already looks LOVELY just from the outside. The fountain is a perfect addition, somewhat instilling life to the museum.

I love walking in the streets of Lille. There is never a dull or uninteresting sight in each rue. People who enjoy travelling say that they imagine Metro Manila to be like this and that, but it’s actually Lille that I think can be a realistic goal for us.

Christmas decors are up as early as September! And, with a temperature of 17 degrees Celsius, I can say that being in Lille during that month is perfect. I call it a “light jacket/cardigan weather”.

Semi-long walks (average: 10 minutes) are a whole lot of fun when you get to see brilliantly named shops like this one. And side note: I love how there are street signs EVERYWHERE. You almost will NEVER get lost, unless you don’t know where you’re going. #personalexperience

 First thing to do when you visit a new country: scout for places where you can eat cheap but good food. The price of hole-in-the-wall pizza in Lille is so student-friendly that I can down the whole thing without feeling guilty.

It’s always raining kitties and puppies in Lille. Always bring an umbrella.

A lot of things to see in Gambetta. One of the busiest rues in Lille, being one of the major ones too.

It’s very easy to travel around Lille through the Citadine buses if you aren’t too keen on walking. What’s even more awesome is that you can plan your route online through their website.

My first fastfood meal in Europe was c/o Subway :) It wasn’t that cheap so it was my first and last Subway binge for the entire trip too. We do have Subway here but Filipinos aren’t sandwich people, which explains why you won’t see it in every corner like you do in Europe.

What I called home for four months :)

The kebab could well be their national food. Not that I’m complaining. For 6.5 euros and served avec frites and a drink, this is THE ultimate meal. AND YES, IT TASTES REALLY GOOD. I am craving for it at the moment, and somehow, no Manila kebab can suffice.


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