Where Dreams Come True

Prior to my Eurotrip, I have never been to a Disneyland park. When I was already in France, that’s when it dawned on me that my first Disneyland experience will be in Paris. How chic! 

Le TGV à destination de Paris Charles De Gaulle. Off to meet up with Tita Luz and her family before heading to Eurodisney, which changed its name to “Disneyland Paris” because apparently Europeans relate the word “euro” with business & money—things that you don’t necessarily want people to think of when they go to a theme park.

This is Kem, one of my trip-mates, whom I fondly called “labteam” ’cause he’s Kem and I’m Mek. Anagrams!

A lot of people were heading to the parc ’cause it was a weekend! No problem for me though, as I love people watching.

Disneyland Paris has a very homey & welcoming vibe that almost made forget that I was in a different country. I quickly remember that I was, though, when I saw this bienvenue.

The Disneyland Hotel located right smack at the entrance of the park is stunning and is probably expensive to live in. We went inside just to scout the place (as if!) and it was gorgeous!

As mentioned earlier, there were a lot of people in park. Thank God we had a Fast Pass! And, did I mention that we got in for free? Tita Luz works in Disneyland and has some “slots” to let us get inside without paying anything. Blessing!

Cue music: “When you wish upon a star…” Well, actually it was more of “Hey now, hey now. This is what dreams are made of…” for me :)

We rode quite a lot of rides but Space Mountain was definitely my favorite!

I officially suck in Autopia.

But, I somewhat kick ass in Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast. So note to self: yes to shooting, no to driving. Haha!

Being in Disneyland Paris made me feel like a kid again. No poise at all! Hahaha!

If I only had the money back then, I’d buy these cute little babies! So adorable!

After the Disneyland Paris trip, we made a stop at the Eiffel Tower to take a few night photos and to make it sink in that yes, we really are in the city of love.

There were stars on the Eiffel Tower because France was the President of the Council for the EU that year. And, you can’t see it here but the tower was also colored blue.

Ended the night with a poker game at Tita Luz’s apartment in Paris. C’est la vie—in a good way :)


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