The Estate of Versailles

Another day, another trip. This time, to the most accomplished achievement of 17th century French art—Versailles. Thanks to Louis XIV who installed his court & government in Versailles. If he didn’t do that, we’d be visiting King Louis XIII’s hunting lodge.

Every trip to the gare reminds me about independence and freedom. Public transportation in Europe is awesome.

Gare du Nord is one of the main hubs in the Paris metro system.

Busier gare means more people to watch! This photo is interesting for me as it doesn’t look like it’s shot in Europe. One could easily mistake it for the States, or even an Asian country.

Free RER ticket care of our Eurail pass! :)

We got down at Gare de Versailles-Rive-Droite, a total opposite of Gare du Nord since it’s in a suburban town. It was just a few minutes’ walk away from the actual chateau.

More interesting sights while walking such as this high-end street vendor who sells freshly-squeezed orange juice. How I wish we can have this here in Manila, especially with the current weather!

Shining shimmering splendid! Versailles reminds me of the capitol!

I already fell in love with the facade. How fancy is that? First stop of the tour of course was The Palace, which (mind you) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This was the official seat of power (aka residence of the King) from 1682 to 1789.

It isn’t any less appealing inside! It definitely shows how grandiose people of royalty are.

We are Marie-Antoinette’s captives! :p

What I loved even more was the area with all the plants and fountains! Very well-planned! I love nature :)


[Day 3 of 30]


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