The Month That Was: A Review of April 2012

This Month’s Goals:


I am still able to have constant prayer and devotion and I’m still able to follow my Bible Reading Plan c/o OSL :) Praise God for this tiny feat since I don’t think I’ve been able to discipline myself in this regard ever since I was a kid. I like how my day is made complete by spending time with God—and I found out that I enjoy it even more when I can find a solemn place (e.g. Starbucks Mckinley Hill) where I can completely focus on Him.

My days are still filled with flash prayers. As I have mentioned last month, talking to God is like talking to a friend :)

Ministry life got a little busy since we had the Care Circle Awareness Day and had some improvements for our ‘Inspiring Worship Service’ goal for NCD. It’s nice to get ‘tired’ for God, though. It always feels like and actually is worth all the effort. For the first time in a long time, I attended the three FULL services yesterday to help out for the Care Circle Awareness Day (and honestly, to worship more and to hear God’s Word through Kuya Martin again and again). I also like how Ava is now part of the Programs Team :) We actually met up as a sub-ministry group and it was AWESOME! So hilarious to be with my ministry-mates!

The more interesting thing that happened this month I guess was my participation in the Generation Full Force Convergence @ Davao City Foursquare Church. It was a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE. It was nice to worship joyfully and to learn a lot from all of the speakers. I would often joke during the trip that every “sermon” was meant for me ’cause they were all THAT applicable to my life. It was fun to be with Muning and Ate Jez, too. We are a good bunch to group together since we LOVE eating—and I think that’s what we mostly did in Davao. Hahaha!

Photo c/o Ptr Bong

Something INTERESTING that stemmed from that Davao trip was Muning and I’s unexpected rise to fame in Mindanao (lol, I kid). It was a little embarrassing to be “featured” whenever Ma’am Sally and Ptr Darell would speak during the Pastor’s Kid sessions but I just take it as a reminder from God to recognize how great He has been to our family. Muning and I are now involved in making plans for Foursquare Pastor’s Kids all over the Philippines. A daunting task, but it’s pretty exciting! My prayer is just that no politics/gossip-mongering/jealousy involved. All for His glory!

Another INTERESTING thing that stemmed from that participation is that we got to know some folks from LA who were here for the convergence. In Davao, I got to talk to Ptr Remi (who knew my mom!), Ptr Kendall, Ptr Craig, Heather, and Chrizle. I thought it was the last time to see them so we had our pictures taken with everyone, but when I got back from Davao and was catching up on sleep, my mom woke me up and asked if I’d like to fetch the LA team from the airport! Surprise! Hahaha! We got to bond with them over dinner and land travel, and we visited them again during their last night at the mission house. Ptr Keith and Chrizle were assigned to visit our church, and man, Ptr Keith’s message was definitely from God. “You are not forgotten.” Right timing. Something we ALL needed to hear at that time. There were some prophecies for our family too—the one for Mama made me tear-up a little bit. And the one for me involved leadership, anointing, and carrying burdens. I thank God for what He said through Ptr Keith. Exactly what I needed at that time too. To sum it all up, let’s just say that the LA team’s visit to the Philippines pretty much changed my life. I thank God for all of them—Ptr Remi, Ptr Kendall, Ptr Keith, Ptr Craig, Heather, Joel, Carissa, Andy, Sir, Oscar and Melissa.

Oh, and we had THE WITNESS earlier this month too! Such a fantastic working of the Holy Spirit with hundreds accepting Christ into their hearts! I’m glad to have been part as a host and as a friendship partner :) I pray to continue to be used for His glory!

The Care Circle program is still ongoing. And, I am loving my group EVEN MORE! Our meet-ups this April were AWESOME!!! First meet up was at Eastwood—which was hilarious ’cause we had limited funds. It was nice to be able to bond over food and good stories ;) Second meet up was at Riverbanks Ampitheater where we had LOTS OF FOOD BWAHAHAHA! Third meet up was at Sports Center, in an attempt to be healthy—well, we did not succeed on that. Fourth meet up was at Ice Cream House where we had lots of nice stories! :) Fifth meet up was at Coy’s house where we exhibited genuine care towards each other in prayer, rebuke, and wisdom. I love how everyone’s growing closer to one another. I hope they continue to grow closer not only with each other but more so with the Lord! I’m trying to get everyone involved in a ministry. Sana kumapal ang mukha ng lahat, like me! :p Hahaha!

The Catch-Up crew hasn’t been able to meet-up regularly this month due to our very busy schedule. We were able to meet up once (which ended with an almost-robbery, but thank God for His protection!). Right now though, we have a sub-group which I call the “Mayo” group composed of me, Ate Jez, Kuya Dennis and Micah. We were able to meet even during the times that the others weren’t available, and to be honest, I LOVE being with them. I am more comfortable to share stories with them and our conversations flow freely. I hope we can do more meet-ups! :) As for my regular meet up with Camcam, we’ve been having some schedule troubles but we still do meet up when we get the chance :) I miss her but what’s good is that we’re still in constant communication especially with the things happening in her life right now :)

Our Connect & Grow group has been having some schedule problems but I still meet up with whoever’s available ;) We are getting deeper and deeper with our discussions and I love it! I really pray that God will do something GREAT in our small group! I am discouraged and frightened at times but I know that God will be faithful to complete the good work He has started.

As I am human, I am still imperfect but I have a PERFECT God! I am glad to say that the fourth month of the year has been about Him—so fitting that “Jesus Be The Center” was my song of the month for March. I’m still a work in progress (and always will be) but I’m glad with all the changes that have been happening :)

I’m still not stopping anytime soon. April will be a more fruitful and blessed month, by God’s grace.


I still spend more time with the family now, and being close to them has become pretty normal ;) I love how we’re all grown-up now, if you know what I mean. Ahh, I just love being with them! I always thank God for the family He has given me! We got to watch a concert together for the first time this month too but more on that in a different section below.

The extended family is awesome. I like how Coycoy is psyched about our Care Circle :) He’s really a big help! And, I am still beyond joyful that Lian is joining the Witness team. She has random moments of talking to me about serious matters and I missed that! Kuya John is continually growing in the Lord. Ira is active in the NCD team. Tito Doy, Tito Roy, Tita Millet and Tita Leona are still active in leading their Clusters. Yeheeeeeeeeey!

Oh, Coy, Empot and I even watched The Hunger Games together. Yeeees, close.


Guess who had NO health goals this month? ME. Given my activities and trip, I could not stick to a diet this month. However, my sleeping pattern has been REALLY great this month. I sleep early and wake up early—something I last did when I was in grade school :) I had cough and colds for 2 weeks but I am healed now! Praise the Lord!


I have a LONG list of things I want to learn. This month though, I just wanted to read (and finish) a book, again. One thing to learn this month is because I know how busy my schedule would be. Anyway, I was able to finish “Thank God It’s Monday”. And, I do recommend it to all Christian corporate girls out there. It’s nice to see a different perspective on the workplace. God wants to use us wherever He puts us! :)

And, what’s great is that I actually ended the month hoarding some books from Mama’s library. Bwahahaha! More Christian books to read! Maybe it’s time to have a SPAM week, yes? ;)

I still take every opportunity and circumstance as a chance to learn. I’ve been learning a lot regarding work, my initiatives, adulthood, relationships, finances, and almost every other category you can imagine. I thank God for blessing me with wonderful people and wonderful opportunities that I always learn from.

Financial (Giving)

I am challenging myself to give a grace gift every month, and I am sharing not to brag but to hold myself accountable. This month’s recipient is…my grandma, Nanay Oyco! We had a bonding moment with Nanay and the best batch (me, Coy and Lian) as we spent a Sunday night @ SM Marikina. We treated her out for Max’s (her favorite) and we bought her some CDs and some groceries. I heard that she couldn’t stop gushing about it :) Hehe! I don’t say it often but I love my lola. I praise God for letting her get to know Christ even before I was born.

I still have my ongoing private project which I have shared to only 2 or 3 people + the NCD core team. The gist is that I’m saving up money for something for some people. Bwahaha! Surprise na lang. And, clue: not family-related. I think I already know what I want to give, ’cause I just saw today that the other thing I was thinking of just got installed at the _____________.

Tithes and t’rumah are still a regular automatic deduction from any amount that passes through my hands and bank account. The good thing is that God is faithful to give it back to us tenfold! :)

Financial (Saving)

No goals related to this category this month ’cause I have a lot to spend this quarter T_T


Again, I got to go to DAVAO!!! Woohoo!

Eating Durian ice cream <3


I was able to meet up with some of my Portal peeps this month because of Tifa’s birthday! I was the 7th wheel but it’s all good :p Hahahaha!

I got to see Danilo as well! He went to Mckinley for a job interview with HP and we got to bond even just for an hour over frap and cinnamon swirl :) I miss my CompSAt loves!

I also wanted to be able to meet up with my blockmates and we got to do that thanks to The AVENGERS!!!! WOOOHOOO!!! Best movie I’ve seen this year!!

I still am grateful to God for friends I got to know through my different initiatives: Onboarding, Inspire, L&D, and Comms. It has never been about being “well-known” for me. I love people, and I love the variety and excitement that they bring to my life. There never is a boring day for me ’cause I get to interact with people of different personalities and tastes.

I still am very grateful to God for bringing me back to my church friends :) I love how close we all are now. I can go back to joking around with them and I can say that I our relationships have gone deeper than merely being acquaintances. I love it! Nothing beats having a strong family of faith. What amuses me more is that I have become more open to having friends who are not like me. I used to be confined to my mga ka-vibes and even disliked being close to those not of our department. Thank you Lord for maturity.


I wanted to watch a concert this month and…I attended the worship concert of Israel Houghton w/ New Breed and Planetshakers! BEST “CONCERT” I HAVE EVER BEEN TO! The place was full of worshippers! Thank God for the opportunity to be with my family and my churchmates during this event!


If you look at THIS blog’s calendar, you’ll see that I’ve been a horrible blogger. I will just look at my “missed posts” as a sign of maturing ’cause I can control what I want to say now. But of course, imbento ko lang ‘yun.

I was able to do some updates @ our church website. I hope to do more once I get the spare time :)


I praise God for this month! If I need to sum it all up using one Bible verse, it would definitely be  2 Cor 1:20 which says:

For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God.

And if I can sum it up through one song excerpt, it will be:

I’m not going back. I’m moving ahead . Here to declare to you–my past is over in You. All things are made new. Surrendered my life to Christ. I’m moving, moving forward.


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