Red Mango: The Best Froyo Ever

During my last year in college, I got addicted to frozen yogurt—and by addicted, I mean that I eat a large cup of it everyday. And before the actual froyo fever hit Manila, I was out there trying out every froyo place I could see. I actually blogged about some of the froyo places I first tried out and it was the most visited post in my blog for quite sometime until the milk tea craze took Manila by storm.

One of the two most memorable froyo places for me is Red Mango. I remember how I used to ALWAYS visit the Eastwood branch with my then crush. With the frequency of our visits, I knew that the Red Mango staff already recognized us. We’d always share a family serving of the green tea froyo with mochi and mango toppings. It was sort of kilig whenever we’d do that, though I’d end up eating a bigger share and he’d end up paying a bigger amount. Hahaha!

Photo circa 2009, which is 3 years ago! :o

Just recently, I got try Red Mango again (first time in an entire year!!) and maaaaan, it was still so good!

My froyo addiction has somewhat minimized but one thing remains the same: Red Mango still has the best froyo ever. And someone promised that we’ll get Red Mango again one of these days :) You can guess who ;)


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