Making it Matter This May

Healthy Eating

May is my “Back to Healthy Eating” Month as I have gained 2 kilos over the past 2 months. Starting tomorrow (not today ’cause I still have 2 tubs of Chef Tony’s Popcorn), I shall bid rice, soda, beef and pork farewell. My XBOX will be experiencing more love from me too. Thanks to BJ for lending me his Your Shape: Fitness CD! I just learned that John goes to the gym during mornings so…pressure much.

Goal this month is to feel light again ’cause I feel as heavy as a hippo. I am pro-plumpness but I am definitely anti-bloating. I want to give up sweets soon but…it’s just so hard to resist most of the time.

Being Joshua

I have been reading the Book of Joshua these past few days for my devotion and I am in awe with how God worked in his life. He was given victory after victory, no matter how difficult the opponent seemed to be and no matter how scared he probably was. It’s such an apt story to read especially since the message last Sunday was about heeding the cost of following Christ. His story gives us an assurance that:

1) We do not need to be afraid that we can’t do it. God will be there to suffice for our weaknesses!

2) We do not need to be afraid of what others will say. What’s important is that we are pleasing God, and He will surely touch the hearts of those we will lead to make them teachable.

3) We do not need to be afraid of “dreaming big”. Joshua & the Israelites were able to conquer both their “easy” and “difficult” opponents.

My heart is filled with much burden for our church and the ministry but Joshua’s story definitely hit home and struck a chord. It’s time to use what we have for Him! As the song says, “I know I’m filled to be emptied again. This seed I received I will sow.”

First Time

I did something for the first time today! I rode a motorcycle with my “big bro” Leonel driving. I have come to a conclusion that I cannot ride such for long distances. It’s quite scary for someone with poor balance like me.


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