There’s Something About Today

My Favorite Friend

I’ve told you about my favorite friend in our team and I guess it’s time to tell some stories about him. Said friend and I were discussing about ITIL and PPMC today when I made a joke that I’d punch him. He responded by saying: “That’s what you learn in church?” in a joking manner, but I was definitely caught off-guard. It is not a rare case for me to have agnostic pals but I made it a mission to be a good example so that they’d be able to see Jesus through me. I thank said friend for that good rebuke. I will now be more cautious with what I say.

Another less important story. I bought yema from 7-11 with Daniel earlier this evening and gave one to said friend by just placing it on his desk. Upon realizing that I gave him food, he said thanks and I told him that I was trying to bribe him into making me his favorite friend. He said that I didn’t need to try. I’m 83% sure that he was kidding but I’d just choose to ignore that.


I bumped into another colleague while I was in the elevator. I noticed that he lost weight so I said, “Pumapayat ka ah.” He responded by saying, “Ikaw, gumaganda.” Hahahahaha! I love it.

I Had Nothing To Do With It!

During our small group in the office today, I found out that Angel and Moochie now read the Bible. God continues to surprise me with His greatness. This segment’s title is “I Had Nothing To Do With It” because I seriously did not do something extraordinary. I just pray for them regularly, and am very matiyaga with getting everyone to meet up regularly. I thank God for what He is doing in their lives. It’s all because of His love that other people are made brand new. It makes me tear up to know how God REALLY moves! Praise the Lord!


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