Small Things Matter

The Best Things In Life Are Free

Two months ago, I learned that I won a contest that I did not intend to join thanks to Star World Philippines’ Twitter account. Apparently they raffled off random prizes to people who tweet about American Idol with the hashtag #AIonSW, and surprise surprise! The very blessed Meki won!

I went to their office at Chateau Verde today to finally claim my long overdue prize. I learned that it was handled by The Arc Group, a marketing and digital solutions agency. For a moment, I saw my dream job/dream business flash in front of my eyes right there. It may sound crazy but I still believe in having you someday. Anyway, there was some trouble in finding my name—which I attribute to my late claiming. So, the kind lady with a nice accent just gave me some prize for consolation. Well, she didn’t say that but through inferring and analysis I realized what was happening.

I got this goodie bag which contained a Star World beach mat/banig and a Star World purse! It may not seem much but freebies make me really happy :) They remind me that there are still things in life that are free. And, it came as a late realization but I eventually acknowledged that I needed both items—the banig for our picnic sessions with my small group, and the purse for the coins in random disarray inside my bag.

Thank God for the blessings! :)

Today is Ice Cream Day

I had ice cream for lunch today and just like my 8 year-old self, I can tell you that it was an AWESOME moment of saccharine overload.

Our first serving of ice cream came from the managers as a goodbye treat for Mira, one of my teammates, who had her last day in the office today :( The bosses got us Blue Bunny and it was my first time to taste that. We had 2 flavors—one was Chocolate Chip and the other was Neapolitan. I tasted both and found that Neapolitan wasn’t for me (it was a combination of vanilla bean, chocolate and strawberry—the last one is not exactly a favorite), but I reaaaaally enjoyed Chocolate Chip to the point that I had 2 servings before my ITIL exam and had another serving afterwards. Delicioso! 

The second serving came via our tower’s Employee Engagement program. We have themed Fridays every month and for May, it was about quenching the summer heat! We had carts of dirty ice cream for everyone! Woooo! I had a small cup of dirty cheese ice cream—my childhood guilty pleasure. I love my tower and…I obviously love ice cream!

Here’s Moochie and I enjoying the ice cream too much ;)

Thank God for free food!

Don’t Throw Yourself Like That In Front Of Me

This segment’s title is brought to you by Damien Rice’s Volcano, which saved my baby from this week’s elimination. Woohoooooo!

Thank God for Phillip Phillips!

Service = Giving Value

Earlier today, I took my ITILv3 Foundation Exam. Most people say that it’s easy and I shouldn’t worry nor should I even prepare but it’s been a while since I last took an exam and I really had to give my brain a booster. I prepared early in the morning by answering some of the sample questions—by some, I mean 130 of them.

Before the exam, I was really nervous knowing that I had to answer 26 out of the 40 questions correctly to pass. During the exam proper, I answered all the questions in 10 minutes (wow) but (clincher clincher) I wasn’t sure with about half of the questions. Not a good feeling, definitely. I reviewed for the next 20 minutes and just prayed for God to take control. I clicked on that “Submit Exam” button and tadah! I passed!

Thank God for the wisdom!


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