The Magic is Here!

I spent Saturday with the best boyfriends one can ever have. We decided several months back that we have to visit Enchanted Kingdom because Dugs has never been to the place. The plan, after so many hurdles, finally came into fruition  this weekend.

We met up at McDonald’s Katipunan just like the good old times in college. It still is a little weird how we don’t know anyone in McDo Katip anymore when in fact two years ago, we were regulars. Once we were complete (which was 1 1/2 hours after the intended meeting time), we had an ATM stopover and a Serenitea stopover. We then headed to the South to meet up with Amboy whom I haven’t seen in 2 years!

Before the EK trip proper, we headed to Rose and Grace @ Sta Rosa for lunch. The food was really great, especially for the price! We paid 300 pesos each for 2 huge servings of Bulalo, 3 servings of Lumpiang Ubod, 1 humongous serving of Sinigang sa Miso, 1 serving of Ampalaya, rice and drinks. Kabusog!

We were EK-bound afterwards. It felt a little crazy being there after a decade. I still remember how big Enchanted Kingdom was for me when I was still a kid. It felt like the whole place shrunk to half its original size. It’s quite sad what ‘growing up’ can do to you. We sometimes think that we see more of the world when we grow older but actually, we don’t. With maturity comes sense and rationality that erases childlike wonder. #reflection

Anyway, to go back to being kids, we first rode the Grand Carousel. It was never a favorite ever since I was a kid maybe because I was the theme park-adventurous type, but I found peace and solace in riding the carousel. I just hope that it doesn’t make me that dizzy next time.

We next tried out the Rialto, where there was a long queue. Thanks to “The Siblings”, we got entertained while in line. The Rialto experience lasted for about 5 minutes and was quite disappointing because of the movie choice which kept on cutting scenes to give us a 3rd person POV—which shouldn’t be the case as the ride is trying to simulate the events happening in the film. Anyway, we were quite to head off to our next ride, the Space Shuttle. There was again a long queue but it was definitely worth it because the ride was AWESOME! It didn’t fail to deliver even after 10 years, and yes, I still got a little nervous prior to our turn.

Silly us wanted to ride Anchor’s Away afterwards. It’s still my favorite ride @ EK! :) I love how it makes me feel like I’m flying and how it reminds me of Ate Chinky—yes, she’s the one who taught me how NOT to feel headache or stomachache during the ride. We had to take a break after the ride since the boys were tired so we grabbed some Mini Donuts and H2O from the nearby stalls. Oh, I remember being a kid and finding all the food inside EK expensive. Well, it’s still marked up but I thank God that I now have the financial capacity to buy a 35-peso bottle of water.

It was time for “wetness” after that ride so we headed to the Jungle Log Jam. The line was long but it actually took only 30 minutes. We think that they sped up the water’s current so as to accommodate more people quickly. That’s great news but when we were already in the ride, it didn’t give us enough time to stop, think, and prepare for that long drop. I found myself quite scared actually but we resorted to the fact that we couldn’t do anything else as we were already there—5 seconds into dropping. It was still fun and I wouldn’t mind getting wet again only if they change the water kasi nalasahan ko siya at hindi masarap. Hahaha!

We went to the Rio Grande Rapids afterwards where there was an even longer queue. We played the Category Game to pass the time and we didn’t notice that it was eventually our turn. The ride was a LOT crazier than how I remember it to be! Kawawa kami ni Matt at first! I had to raise my bag to the skies ’cause Rudolf’s camera was there! In the end, it was Amboy who was the grand winner though, thanks to the waterfalls!

The next ride was Flying Fiesta, for drying purposes. Dugs and I agree that being there called for a perfect emo moment. There was silence and lights. It only lacked rain…which we got when we moved to the next ride, the Wheel of Fate. It was closed due to the fireworks so we rested in the nearby bench tapos biglang umulan. Thank God we had shelter.

The fireworks were great, though my epiphany moment wasn’t really that major. We rode the Wheel of Fate afterwards (we got into the first batch!) and it was a nice way to end the night…except for our katabi na carriage which brought 3 YOUNG children (probably below 9 years old) up to the skies WITHOUT A GUARDIAN. We were worried that they’d jump off, so we had to tell the EK crew when we got down.

We ended the EK trip with some photos with the wizard. And I ended the EK trip acknowledging that I am indeed old.

We headed to Alabang Town Center afterwards to meet up with my best friend :) We had our very late dinner @ Soderno, which is basically an upscale night market. Haaay, I love the South.

And, I love my boyfriends. And, I love weekends.


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