Pinkerton Ice Cream: The BEST Ice Cream in Manila!

I was very blessed to dine with my best friend over lunch yesterday at Empire Deli & Restaurant. I’ve always been eyeing this list of ice cream flavors that I see written on their blackboard, but I never got the chance to taste any of them as it was out of my budget. While said best friend and I were picking our meals from the menu, I made a random babble about the Pinkerton ice cream and, probably because he couldn’t resist my charm (chos), he said that he’d treat me to a serving. Yeheeeeey!

Now, I can say that I’ve tasted the best ice cream ever, and to think that it’s LOCAL! Pinkerton Ice Cream tastes so rich and thick—unlike the easily-melting local brands. I think this is because of their No Skimping policy, which means that each serving is prepared using the best ingredients. Oh, and if you love chunks and texture in your ice cream just like me, Pinkerton is perfect for you! It may cost double the price of other local brands but I can tell you that the quality of the ice cream you get makes everything worth it.

According to their FB page, this is the list of their flavors (and the corresponding prices) which I am sure would be very interesting for most of you ;) And I added some pictures from their FB page too, just to make you salivate.

(Php305 per pint, Php610 per quart, Php1220 per half-gallon)
Dulce de Leche Sea Salt
Apple Pie
Honey Rosemary
Rum Raisin
Chunky Mocha Madness
Banana Nutella
Avocado Condensed Milk
Red Velvet
Food For the Gods
Candied Maple Bacon
Carrot Cake
Strawberry Cheesecake
Blueberry Cheesecake
Honey Coffee

Candied Maple Bacon

Carrot Cake

Honey Rosemary

Red Velvet

Apple Pie

Banana Nutella

(Php255 per pint, Php510 per quart, Php1020 per half-gallon)
Dark Chocolate
Strawberry Sorbet
Lychee Sherbet
Mango Basil Sorbet
Guava Basil Sorbet
Buko Sherbet
Vanilla Bean
Cafe au Lait

Guava Basil Sorbet and Mango Basil Sorbet

Vanilla Bean

I seriously think that Pinkerton Ice Cream should be exported to other countries, if there is a way to export ice cream. This seriously is the best ice cream in Manila!

Can my freezer please look like this?

For the sigurista ones, the best-selling Pinkerton Ice Cream flavors include Carrot Cake, Apple, Banana Nutella, Honeycomb, Red Velvet, Banana Honey Glazed Walnut, Mocha, and Guava Basil Sorbet.

You can contact Pinkerton Ice Cream (c/o Xandra Rocha) via these methods:
Mobile: 0917 361-1329
Facebook: Pinkerton Ice Cream
Twitter: Pinkerton Ice Cream

Or, you can buy Pinkerton Ice Cream in scoops (just like us) via these restaurants:
2nd’s – Fort Bonifacio
Empire Deli and Restaurant – Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill
Café 1771 – El Pueblo
Dali Restaurante y Bar de Tapas – Quezon City


All photos except for the second one are from Pinkerton’s FB page or Twitter account.


3 thoughts on “Pinkerton Ice Cream: The BEST Ice Cream in Manila!

  1. says:

    Easily-melting local brands???? I left my local commercial ice cream on the countertop for almost 5 hours & it didn’t melt. It’s like a sponge. I prefer the melting, no stabilizers, thickeners, guar gums, locust bean gums, xanthan gums etc are added.

  2. piaugarte says:

    Yup! The ice cream is amazing! What is super good is that the person making it is also the nicest person on earth! :)

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