Finding Favor

Remain Righteous

Today’s Bible reading was the Book of Ruth. I love reading Ruth’s story because I am always in awe of how noble she is. She chose to follow Yahweh and remain loyal to her mother-in-law Naomi though her husband has already died and she was technically given freedom to go back to her homeland. She was hardworking, and was very thoughtful and generous towards Naomi. She was kind and gentle.

And you know what happened? She was blessed! She found favor in the eyes of Boaz, who I can only imagine to be a rich, stunning, and kind man. And she became part of the ancestry of Jesus as the son she bore became an ancestor of David. Ruth even became a channel of blessing to her mother-in-law who went from being “bitter” as she self-declared to living in “sweetness” again, which is what the name Naomi actually means.

I am challenged to become a noble woman and I know that through Him, this is possible. I hope to be as significant as Ruth and to be a blessing to others! And though I sometimes fear that I am not good enough, I just need to remember that I am FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made!

(c) Spiritual Inspiration; Click image for source :)

Breaking Stereotypes

Kudos to Dove for their stereotype-breaking TV ad featuring Angel Jacob. This is the first that I personally saw an ad for a shampoo brand that had a short-haired woman as the focal point.

Other than the really great results that their hair products bring (our family loves Dove!), Dove just gave me another reason to support their brand. Bravo!

Grammar Lesson for the Day

I never said anything about it but since I stumbled upon another blog post that used the term “in lieu”, I just thought that this might help a lot of students and even bloggers out there :) Not saying that I’m a perfect Grammar Guru. This is just something I wanted to share.

“in lieu of” means “instead of” or “in replacement for” or “in place of”

Correct usage: I just chose to work from home in lieu of taking a sick leave.
Wrong usage: They offered a discount in lieu of their store’s grand opening.

You can use “in line with” instead if you meant that because of the grand opening, they offer discounts.


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