The Pipino Vegetarian Experience

I won a contest c/o Miss-Match and got offered to dine for free at Pipino Vegetarian with a friend. With my love for free things and food, I took the opportunity last Sunday though my favorite Kian would probably laugh at me at my attempt to appreciate vegetarianism. Hehe!

Photo from Pipino’s FB page

We first got served drinks. My friend got the Pino Iced Tea (Php35) while I tried out the Lemongrass-Ginger-Pipino Cooler (Php80), which tasted very refreshing and would be a much much better alternative to salabat when I lose my voice.

The kind ladies at Pipino then served us the first course, our soup. We both got a serving of Tomato Soup (Php45) as it was their soup of the day. I liked it very much as it was very tasty and probably because I love tomatoes.

Our second course, the salad, then arrived. We both got a serving of their Wicked Walnut Salad (Php165) which was served in a cocktail glass (so adorbs). I need not comment about this because you know my penchant for WALNUTS! I loved the salad. It was definitely my favorite of the night :)

Our starter was then served. We were each given a Tofu Lemongrass Skewer with chili-garlic sauce and alfalfa (Php145). It did feel like meat but it had a minty taste to it so it wasn’t really my thing. I know a lot of friends who would definitely love it though.

Next came our entrees! I got the Watermelon Steak while my friend got the Squash Risotto (Php125). We didn’t finish both our meals ’cause I was already full (though I loved how the watermelon tasted like barbecue!) and my friend was already craving for meat. Hahaha!

Our favorite part was definitely the dessert as we both got a Vegan Oatmeal Choco Chip Cookie (Php30) topped with a scoop of Coconut Ice Cream (Php35). We loved the dessert the last time we visited Pipino and it definitely still delivered!

I’m definitely coming back to try their other dessert items, their Brown Rice Champorado (I love brown rice and champorado so yeeeey!), their sandwiches and their pasta. Again, thanks to Miss-Match and Pipino for the opportunity! Oh, and we got to meet the owner of Pipino, Ms. Alessandra Lanot, who was very nice and apparently is a master crafts girl! :)

You can contact Pipino via these methods:

Number: 4411773
Facebook: Pipino Vegetarian
Twitter: Pipino Vegetarian

Or, you can visit Pipino Vegetarian here:

39 Malingap Street,
Teachers Village,
Quezon City
They are open daily :)


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