An Hour (Or Almost Two) At Blowout Bar Manila

This whole “blowout” thing is a trend that started in 2011 in the US which aims to eliminate bad hair days. And, they’re right. There are just some times when we need a hair fix without all the fuzz involved in cuts and colors. I made some research about the trend and came across a lot of blow out bars in the States like Drybar (who has the best website ever), BlowNY (who has quite a range of services), and Blowout (which offers the most adorable girly blowout parties).

If you’re like me who’s in the HOT HOT HOT streets of Metro Manila, we also have Blowout Bar Manila! I learned about them through one of the Magalonas (I don’t remember who) and was fortunate enough to chance upon a Facebook contest that they were holding. I surprisingly won so I got to visit last Tuesday with my friend Angel who was also intrigued with their services.

We got booked for the 4pm slot and when we got there, we were welcomed by a very homey and girly sight! Almost everything was in white and powder blue, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s was playing on the TV. I figured that it would be great for some catching up with Angel. Unfortunately, only one of the two stylists was available at that time (not sure why ’cause we were there at exactly 4 pm and I was expecting that they would be expecting us).

I went first to get my Cherry Bombshell + Flirtini hairstyle. It might be better if the folks from Blowout Bar Manila could help out the clients on which style to get and what each style “meant” as they were very interestingly named. All services are for Php350 for any length and any style! If you want to upgrade to the Moroccan Argan Oil blowout, you just add Php150.

I was first led by my stylist to the shampooing area. I’m not sure if the shampooing is a standard part of the service but I’m pretty sure I got it ’cause my hair was already dry and frizzy at 4 in the afternoon. Hehehe! The stylist was very good in shampooing and massaging my head, by the way, as he somewhat temporarily cured my migraine. Haha!

We headed back to the “bar” afterwards and the nice lady (who I assume is the owner) kindly told me that they had bag holders. Awesome!

My stylist then proceeded to style my hair as I took random pictures and as Angel and I listened to the CJ Corona trial. This was the time when I realized that the Blowout Bar Manila visit wasn’t really a good time to bond with girlfriends. It might be better for me-time as it’s quite difficult to talk and make chismis if you hear the sound of the blower. (Maybe someone can invent a quiet blower, ‘no?)

The most awkward moment happened afterwards though. Two ladies came in and insisted that they had an appointment for 3pm, which they actually had, but the thing is that it was already 15 minutes past 4. I felt the owner girl panic as, just like in almost every other establishment in this country, owners get more scared not to please the “older” and “paying” customers. (I think that’s something we should change though.) The owner girl asked my stylist if he can style my hair faster. That was a very awkward thing to hear ’cause it was like saying that the stylist can sacrifice the quality of what he’ll do to my hair just so that they can accommodate more people.

I felt that the service was rushed, and upon revealing my hairstyle, I was not amused at all. My hair looked quite…normal. It actually almost looked like my hair when I get up in the morning. I chose not to complain though, even though I was asked, ’cause I felt that they were itching to get me off that seat. Actually, they serviced the lady first before Angel, which was not right ’cause we were the ones booked for the slot. Thankfully, the other stylist got freed up so Angel was able to get her hair done after just 5 to 10 minutes of waiting.

This is what my hair looked like after my blowout:

And here it is after 4 hours:

I’m not sure if it didn’t work that well for me just because I have “short” hair, but I saw other people with short hair who posted pictures and they seem to have been styled better.

I’m very grateful for the free blowout but I might not be coming back anytime soon. Maybe I’ll go back when my hair grows up to my shoulders. Maybe ;)

You can contact Blowout Bar Manila via these methods:
Number: 0917-8412484 or 0917-505-BLOW
Facebook: Blowout Bar Manila
Twitter: Blowout Bar Manila

Or, you can visit Blowout Bar Manila here:
G-02, Rada Regency, Rada St. Legaspi Village, Makati, Philippines
It’s on the ground floor & no need to enter the actual building as they’re outside
They are open daily but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE book an appointment and be there on time :)


6 thoughts on “An Hour (Or Almost Two) At Blowout Bar Manila

  1. Trina says:

    I really loved this place! So sad to here about some of the comments here but just to balance things out I’ve heard quite the opposite of what some of you have experienced here. I find the concept very cool, it’s definitely something to enjoy especially if you are if in need of a good fixer upper. I go here quite often since it’s quite close to where I work. The staff are very professional and friendly and they know what they are doing. Sometimes they even go out of their way to impress you or help you with a concern. I’m sure the experience may not be the same for everyone but I heard the popularity of this new business is growing. My friends nga were saying nga that the price is way cheap compared to most salons in Makati and the service is not all too shaby either. Well anyways just sharing, more power to Blowout Bar!

  2. Sia says:

    did i heard right they have two stylist?

    Now they only have one and it caters to everyone. I booked for 4 person and i did not expect they will only have one person doing all 4 of us. the last one to be done has to wait a stressful 1.5 hours.

    I felt minadali as well. Each person took about 30 mins lang,long hair and all. When i inquire to book, the person told me long hair will take about 45 – 60 mins even longer pa. How come each of us took about 30 mins lang , even less to some.

    Not value for money. They price now is actually 400 + 150 for argan which means only using a different shampoo(morocan argan shampoo) which apparently you can buy cheap at watson.

    • Amelie says:

      Hmm, Just wondering why you would assume that 45-60 minutes was the “actual” duration when you well know it was simply an estimate? I’ve tried their service many times already since I find it quite practical and they usually do my hair ( experienced stylist) around 35-40 minutes with shampoo na yon. I think the whole point of this biz is that they do hair fast-at least faster than the usual salons that is. Whether your hair stays or lasts is actually dependent on your hair. I mean like was it rebonded or received some sort of treatment from other places because I think that can have an effect too. As for the price..well I think it’s a matter of market. Some people find their price quite cheap, so cheap we do it almost thrice a week. To each his/her own!

  3. love says:

    OMG! same experience at Blowout Bar! i mean i like the idea of it, the look of their store, but i am also not amused in fact very disappointed with my hair that i went to my fave hair stylist to just have my haircut and blowdry. Because my hair went totally straight(as in 0.75″ of curly ends) when i arrived at Greenbelt straight from Blowout Bar. Sayang really, the Idea is really great BUT please HIRE people that are experts in Blowdrying techniques. Di ba yun ang specialty ng BLOWOUT bar? :) please improve, i would definitely go back when you do. Coz i live nearby.

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